Friday, July 29, 2011

Beautiful people and their problems... Ya right!

So I was watching this show the other night, and one of the people was complaining about how she is beautiful but has so many problems because of it. I call bullshit! In my opinion I believe the "beautiful" people have so many alleged problems is because, their attitude, their persona, the way the convey themselves, to many other reasons to name as to describe their "problems". If you are ugly on the inside, but beautiful on the outside, people will only see the ugly side of you. Just because you were born with beauty, it doesn't mean that you are better then anyone else. I have known some people that in fact could have been models if they really wanted to be, but they were some of the coolest people I've known. They knew they were blessed with looks but never held it over mine or other peoples heads.

My friend, Tyrone, he was a very well maintained person, he always dressed extremely nice, went to the barber shop constantly, but wasn't vain or self centered, he just maintained a level of dressing and taking care of himself higher than other people do. He would always ask me how I was doing, see if I was ok or whatever. He was a genuine good person. I was never good at talking to girls or approaching them, basically I was socially awkward before the term was coined, and that's ok, I knew I was. I confided in him that I wasn't very good at talking to girls, so he gave me "player" pointers. This made me laugh, when he was teaching me these things I could totally see how the girls liked him and his game. So after a couple of lessons he told me I should try them out, again I laughed as he said this, he said, "Dude you have to be confident" "if you're not confident they can see it". So he showed me this nodding move, I saw this girl I had been watching for awhile, I walked past her as confidently as I could, and did this nod, she saw me and my nod and smiled. This was the first actual reaction or her noticing me I had ever seen! as soon as I was out of range of her I ran over to Tyrone, and told him what I did, he congratulated me and said, "There ya go dude" he asked, "So what are you gonna do next?" What? What do you mean next? I thought this was a one time deal? I told Tyrone, "I don't think I can do a next time!" He said, "Yes you can, where's the confidence you just had?" I said, "It's gone" he laughed, and told me that he had big plans for me.

The next night at work Tyrone came up to me and said, "Dude you're getting her number!" I said, "Absolutely not!" "no way". He said, "Dude you already have an in, you nodded at her, and she likes you" I said, "Alright I will try it" I finally got my confidence back up and said to myself, "I'm gonna do this!" So I saw her and started walking up to her, she saw me coming, and pretended to be working. I looked at her and she looked at me and I nodded again, that's all I could remember to do. She smiles again and I'm like, "Ok I can do this" I walked right up to her and asked her, "How are you tonight?" she said, "Good" I asked her, "What she was doing after work?" she said, "Going home" I'm starting to lose this conversation, and I can tell she's losing interest, so I ask her, "Well if you don't mind, I was wondering if I could call you sometime?" she said, "Well, you have to have my number first" so I asked her, "Can I have your number?" she knew I was nervous, and that I liked her. So she said, "I'm gonna have to think about it" oh man I was crushed I said, "Ok cool, just let me know" and I walked away from her. A few minutes later she comes up to me and says, "You forgot this" it was her number.

The next day I decided to call her. It actually turns out she was one of these "beautiful" people, and she turned out to be a huge bitch with an attitude, ehh whatever nothing new to me. These "beautiful" people are given way too much credit, time, and effort. It's up to them to change their own outlook and attitude. I wish my only problem was being too "beautiful".

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