Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Dreams

Last night I had a crazy dream. I had a Zombie outbreak dream. Now I do have to tell you I have had these types of dreams before, so I wasn't shocked that I had another one.

So in my dream I woke up, but I was already dressed and in the city. (weird I know) so me and my wife are walking around town watching all these zombies attack people, people attacking them. There was slow and stupid zombies like the old brain wanting ones. Then there was smart and fast ones like Dawn of the Dead.

So we walked and we went into a walk in clinic type place. We were trying to find like penicillin or antibiotics, just medical supplies. We found a doctor who was laying on the ground he had been attacked but not yet changed, he started talking to us saying "we made this virus for the zombies!" we looked at each other and were like what? "what does it do?" the doctor says "its a bone degeneration virus, you inject it the zombies so their bones get weak and you can kill them faster and easier" I asked "have you tried it?" the doctor says "no I was trying to when I got attacked"  he said "just take and try it!" so I took the syringe and injected the doctor with it and we walked out of the room.

We decided to steal a car so we could get around the town faster. We stole a truck but it was a manual transmission, I don't know how to drive a stick! what am I supposed to do? Well I said let's go we need to go. We hopped in the truck and I started grinding gears and we were moving. We started talking to each other. "we need to get more supplies" my wife says. I said "ya we do, lets got to the grocery store!" We drove to a grocery store and parking lot was full of the slow brain wanting zombies. my wife has a 12 gauge shotgun and starts picking them off left and right we run into the store. We see other people walking around grabbing what they needed. We started grabbing supplies (this is where it kinda got weird) I had some pencils and I needed to sharpen them, I found a pencil sharpener and started sharpening them. All of a sudden a zombie pops up from behind the counter, I take my now sharp pencil and stab the zombie in the head up through the jaw, it drops on the floor. I see a lady and say "check to see if its dead!" she bends down and it's dead. I run around the counter and stick the zombie with this syringe and walk away. I figured to myself that if another zombies eats this one it will spread the virus.

We left the store with our supplies and were like we need to get away from the city. (now for some reason I'm in my regular car) So I start driving and I head to the freeway. Everyone says don't take the freeway it's a death trap. Well my car was armored so I said screw it, i floor it and were speeding down the freeway. I start seeing zombies dropping off from the over passes cars abandoned in the middle of the road. I'm swerving missing cars, missing zombies. I see a wonder bread truck driving, there's a clown zombie on the top of it, hes dancing and waving like a clown. He looks at me and smiles, I punch the gas again and were gone.

Then I woke up.
Holy crap what the hell was that! That was one of my crazy zombie dreams, till next time

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