Thursday, July 28, 2011

My wife...The love of my life...

I have been with my wife for 10 years, we have been married for 9 months. I truly believe we are meant, and made for each other. My wife came into my life at the time I really needed her. I can never truly say thank you enough to her for how she helped me at that point in my life. Thank you babe, I love you. At this point I was truly at rock bottom, and her being as she is, she helped me by not only just being her, but being a friend that knew nothing about me, and didn't judge me for anything in my past. It was refreshing, it was new, it was exciting, it was just what I needed. I actually had a reason to get up in the morning now, just so I could hopefully see her, and her smile. That smile always melts my heart. Until her I really was having a hard time justifying living, to me, there really was no reason to. We began seeing each other more and more everyday. Just talking, just getting to know each other. She didn't know at the time that she was actually saving my life. I thought I would try and impress her, I would wear my "fanciest" clothes, always being shaved and clean cut, wear my jewelery. I don't know if this impressed her or not, but what I do know is she kept coming back over to see me. 

It was getting more serious now, we were becoming best friends, we couldn't wait to see each other. We would talk on the phone for hours. I would write her love letters, (I looked back at these letters now, jeez what was I thinking? Ha ha) she would write me love letters. I finally got the nerve up to ask her out, to be my girlfriend, I had it all planned out:
It was October, on Friday the 13th, one of my most favorite days, I drove us to a fast food restaurant, ordered some food, and I took her to my favorite park. I don't know if she had any idea of what was going to happen? Well we got to the park, and it was a torrential down pour. I couldn't even see out of the windshield, I was so pissed, this was my moment, everything was going so good, dammit!  I couldn't continue the night, it was ruined, we left the park, went back to my friends house, and that was it. The next day, October 14th, since my plans to ask her out were ruined, I decided to ask her out that day, she said yes, and we have been together ever since. How cool would it have been to have Friday the 13th, as your anniversary?

10-10-10, is a day that changed my life, and it is the best day of my life! I married my best friend, my beautiful girlfriend, that was now my beautiful wife. I couldn't have asked for any better weather either! We were on the ocean, in October, notoriously bad weather here. Well we had a bright sun shining day, blue sky's, it was like someone was watching over us and made it be a beautiful day. 

We have had a very long, tough road. We stuck by each other, and we made it work. I am so proud to say "this is my wife". Babe, I am proud of you, and us, I love you with all my heart. Thank you.

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