Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Part 2's

Random Movie Thought.

Why do people hate part 2’s? Part 2’s for movies help tell more of the story, the plot, and the characters. For example in Episode 2, I heard people saying they couldn’t stand the love story and the slow marriage. Me however I really enjoyed it and brought the character’s love for eachother to the forefront. It explains what Padme means to Anakin, why he would do what he thought he had to do for his love of her. I don’t know about you but I would do anything and everything for the love of my life, even if that means going to the Darkside.

Another example of people not liking or hating part 2’s. In Revenge of the Fallen, people said that they thought it was too long, and the robotic sounds were annoying. Well to me Revenge of the Fallen had to again explain the back story, and further advance the characters. If there were no robotic sounds people would have complained about it. You can’t have mechanical machines moving around without robotic sounds, it’s just not possible, especially if they’re on concrete. Maybe the movie was a little long but I loved this movie and I’m so glad I got to enjoy it. I can’t wait until I can see Dark of the Moon. My question about the name what’s up with it? Why couldn’t they call it Darkside of the Moon? Was it copyrighted? Trademarked? To me it’s just kind of weird, but I am still excited to see it.

Everybody has opinions, which is great, but try and give part 2’s a chance atleast.
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