Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random irritants.

I live in a state that rains often. So one would assume (you should never assume, because it make an ass out of you and me) that people that live here should be able to drive in the rain? Well that's absolutely not the case. When it's just sprinkling, people here freak out and start doing dumb shit! For example I'm driving on the freeway and we're having a wind storm. My car is bouncing around almost like I'm in a bumper car or something. So the driver behind me seeing this as the opportune time as any, starts tailgating me. Now everyone around me is swerving in reaction to the wind gusts. We all are hitting the brakes, swerving, just trying to maintain our lanes. I am just waiting for this guy to rear end my car or something. Luckily that day nothing bad happened (knock on wood).

Why do people try and jump in the elevator before people get out? I cannot stand when people do this! And the thing is everyone else hates this too. Why do people do this! Please just take a extra couple seconds and let people out.

Why do people think it is OK to bring pets to your place of work? Pets are not allowed! Service animals yes pets no! And don't get mad when you are asked to leave the building with your pet. Even if your pet is the nicest, friendliest pet some people have fears, and or allergies. It's not only about you and your precious pet.

I think it's amazing that people can be rude to you constantly, then as soon as they need your help, it's hi how are you? I need some help. Ya well you should at least be courteous the days before you need help. Not the day of. You don't need to be best friends but common courtesy goes a long way.

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