Friday, July 15, 2011

A walk down memory lane…

I remember back when I was younger and the summer time was the best time. I would wake up, walk out of my bedroom, and go the kitchen. I would find a couple bucks on the counter for me from my mom. I knew it was going to be an awesome day, this meant I could go to the corner store get some candy and a pop for the day. I took a shower and got ready to leave the house. I grabbed my bike and started riding to the corner store. When I go to the corner store I would walk in and my jaw would drop with the overwhelming selection of candy they had. Walking up to the candy shelf’s I would scan row by row looking for my favorites.

After my candy selection I would walk back towards the pop coolers. Again I would scan row by row picking out my favorite. Walking up to the counter to pay I felt invincible this was me buying my own candy and pop. I walked out of the store accomplished. I rode my bike over to my friends house and I pulled out my bag of candy and he was jealous of me and my candy. He asked, “Where did you get that?” I said, “the corner store” with a smile, he asked, “can you go there with me?” I said, “sure”. So we both grabbed our bikes and rode back to the store, the whole time I was telling him about the selection they had with all the candy and just the goodness.

We both left the store with a smile on our face and goodies in our bags, we went back to his house and just sat on the porch and ate our candy.

The simple pleasures in life is what makes it worth it.

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