Friday, July 22, 2011

Why do assholes prevail?

Why is it that the asshole people always seem like they are getting ahead in life over good people? Why can't the good guy, the little guy get ahead? I watch movies and I see how the hero always wins over bad. I wish I could see this in real life, at least once. Why do people tolerate assholes? I for one am trying my damnedest to not let assholes ruin, and or control my life. I am slowly but surely moving on away from their grip on me. Obviously I am still going to have assholes or rude, and mean people in my life, and I totally understand that. Like if I have a boss or a superior being rude to me there's nothing I can do, because I can't and won't jeopardize my job, but I'm gonna talk mad shit after they leave and I'm gonna feel good while doing it. I just want people to not think of just themselves so much and give a little thought to other people and their feelings. I'm not trying to say that I am perfect or that I give total thought to peoples feelings all the time. But I try, that's all I'm asking, if people try harder it might make a difference. I know this all sounds preachy or whatever you want to call it, but I remember how society as a whole used to be. Walking down the street you could actually say "hi" to someone or smile at them without them thinking you're crazy or you're trying to do something to them. I don't think we will get back to that point but it still is worth giving an effort towards the greater good.


  1. Good on you!
    I hate that assholes seems to get ahead, claim others ideas as their own as they could never come up with something good themselves and generally get the best in life.
    I don't want to be a success if that involves becoming an asshole myself. I admit I may have been or come across as one in the past but I have strived to not be that person. For my trouble I have been overlooked, had ideas pinched and even been made redundant. Were is the justice?
    End Rant

  2. Jeff, thank you so much for reading my blog. and thank you for leaving a comment. You're right there is no justice, and I wish there was. The bad thing is, no one understands this, until it happens to them, like us. I am sorry this happened to you, because I know no one else will apologize for it.