Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why do I let what my friends do bother me?

I was asked today:
"Why do I let what our friends do bother me?
That made me really sit back and think for a minute. What makes me so mad when our "friends" do what they do? 

And I came up with this conclusion. Because to them its a competition. It always has been with them. For instance. We bought a DSLR camera. It was a nice beginner but with advanced function SLR. We have been wanting this type of SLR for awhile ever since we were able to use one of our friends'. It was so fast and took amazing pictures. But the down fall was this particular model costs like 1200 for the body alone, then between 4 and 500 for the lens. Obviously this would have to wait for a long time. 

So our camera we saved and we started doing a ton of research. One of our friends just recently bought a new DSLR and was taking amazing pictures. So I began asking him questions about his camera and he had nothing but great things to say about it. So we found the one that we really liked. But it happened to be the one our friend just bought. Would we be ridiculed for "copying" him? We didn't care we bought it and have enjoyed it ever since. It was the 4th of July when we took our camera out to really use it for the first time. Our "friends" were like "oh you got one of those cameras too" We were like "ya we did". Our "friends" were using a point and shoot camera. I was trying to take pictures of the fireworks as they exploded. Our "friend" asked "does your camera have the firework setting?" I should have laughed in her face but I just let it go like normal. These people think they know everything so trying to tell them different is not worth our time anymore, it always ends up in a huffy puffy "friend". One of our friends parent came up to us and said "is that one of those good cameras"? We said "ya it was". She said "we would love for you to take our pictures sometime". We laughed and said "sure". Well one of our "friends" overheard this and walked up to us and said "why wouldn't my mom ask me to take pictures of them"? So it begins again the competition. So our "friends" decided later on they had to get a "bigger and better" camera than us, then "anyone" they said.

I could go on about these "friends" and this so called competition but out it will be loong and booring. Basically what I think is there shouldn't be a competition between friends or anyone. Someone will always! have the better bigger tricked out edition than you. Its a fact. Its technology. As long as you do your research and buy the best you can at the time it will last you for a long time.

So when we see what are "friends" are doing or posting, we get that feeling all over again of it getting thrown in our face that what we posted or did isn't good enough according to them. You might be sitting there thinking "why do you let these people bother you" I fully understand that. But it has been thrown in our face constantly and its getting old.

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