Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas weekend review 2015.

 So where to begin? I had a four day weekend and it was amazing. Wednesday morning, we had Christmas with our little cutie pie niece. She loved everything and actually kind got overwhelmed by her stuff. It was so cute. She would take her time and pull back one strip of paper at a time. We got her a princess time car and it was all over after that. She got in, gangster leaned and just chilled while she watched Frozen. It was so damn cute. After all the fun I had to get ready for work. After work Melissa and I went to Walmart for a few things. It turned into a long night and we were both hangry by the end of it. We finally got to eat dinner and then we headed to bed.

 Thursday, we had some breakfast and we headed out. We stopped by and got some medicine, coffee and gas. After that we headed out to Monroe. We took a wrong turn and it added like 30 minutes to our drive time. We finally got to our nephews house. We got a tour and we say and talked for awhile. It was good seeing how good they were doing. After a couple hours, we headed in down the road. We went over to Melissa's brothers house. Melissa's car had a check engine light come on so we checked it out with a code reader when we got to her brothers house. We cleared the code and that was that. We talked for awhile and opened presents. I got a GameStop gift card and some other stuff. I'm exited cause I have no clue what game in going to buy. I want COD BO3, but I don't know if I can wait till we go to GameStop. We played a new game called Pie Face. The premise is you have to spin a wheel and however many numbers you get, you have to turn the lever and hope to not get whip cream in your face.

 Melissa and I, actually never got creamed. Ha ha. After that we headed on down the road and we picked up Melissa's mom. Then we headed to our other nephews house. I got lost a couple times and started to get angry, but we found it. We headed in and we got to eat some good food and just talk for awhile. We got to open more presents. We all just sat and talked about old times. It was a pretty good time. It was time for us to leave. We dropped off Melissa's mom at her house and then we headed home. Melissa had thrown in a toast before we left and now it had been in the crock pot a little too long. We were bummed about dinner. We headed upstairs to go to bed. 

 Friday morning, we slept in and then went downstairs. We made some coffee and then we opened some presents. We had some Christmas breakfast and then we relaxed. We got some amazing presents. I could see Melissa really liked what I got her I got some new Wii U games so we played some Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. It was a lot of fun. The. We tried Yoshi's Woolly World. That was a lot of fun too. It reminded me of Little Big Planet. We watched some shows and we had some amazing open face baked roast sandwiches. 

 Saturday, we woke up and we had Melissa's mom come over to the house. We got super excited for more presents and good times. We all had some coffee and then we got to open presents. We opened the stockings first. I got some more Amiibos, some food gift cards and some cash. Melissa got some cash and some gift cards as well. I got some sweet graphic t shirts and I got Star Wars Battlefront. I hooked up my brand new Xbox One! and started doing all the updates and setting up. I couldn't even believe that I had got one and that it was sitting in my living room right now! Before I knew it, we had to leave for the Golden Corral buffet. We got there and there was no line and we started enjoying our food. After we all had our fill, it was time to leave and head home. When I got home, I disconnected the Xbox 360 and started routing the wiring for the Xbox One. I got all the cords and power packs setup and hid. I had to move my heavy ass entertainment center. I got everything back in order and I got to play some Battlefront. After awhile, we watched some shows and we relaxed and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had to do some cleanup and had to get everything ready for our Christmas party. After awhile, all of our friends came over and we started chowing down on some food and treats. We had the football game going and it was all around fun. We got to open some presents and relax. Sunday night, people were headed out and we had some cleanup to do. We both had to work the next day so we cleaned all the party stuff up. After we were done cleaning, we watched some shows and we relaxed. I hope your Christmas was good, I know mine was. Till next time. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend review for 12/19 and 20/15.

 Friday I had to work late, so Melissa got us a pizza for dinner. I got home and we got a few things ready for the next day and had our pizza. We watched a show and we headed to bed. 

 Saturday we woke up early to get ready for our ugly sweater party. We got everything all set up and ready to go. We got our frost guest around 12:40 or so and we just talking and catching up. Our next one showed up at like 1 so after that all the other people showed up. We had lots of food and snacks. Other people brought over some treats too. Everyone was having fun just talking and catching up. After awhile, it was time for the ornament exchange. Everyone brought an ornament and put it into the pile. We went around in a circle. When my turn came I decided not to steal anyone's ornament so I grabbed a new one. It was two Starbucks ornaments. I was happy. Next turn, yup, they were stolen from me so I grabbed a new one and it was a light up Seahawks ornament. Okay cool, yup you guessed it, stolen again. My last one was a glass moose mug from Christmas Vacation. So that's cool. Everyone had a blast. One person brought a pickle and wrote a note on why thy brought the pickle. Their family, hid the pickle and whoever found it, got a gift card. Then we also had whoever had the ugliest sweater gift. We had three ribbons and a small gift for each of them. Everyone had a blast. We played a little Cards Against Humanity, it was a hit. People were crying cause they were laughing so much. My throat started hurting toward the end of the night and I thought it was cause of all the junk food I was eating. Everyone left and we headed upstairs we started watching No Escape. We both were really tired and we shut the movie off and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had our regular stuff to do, but we also had to clean up all the party mess. There was so much crap to clean up. We somehow managed to clean it al up and we got to relax a little bit. I felt more sick then Saturday and I barely got any sleep cause I couldn't breath through my nose. That was a fun night. We watched the Childhoods End show from Syfy, that was pretty good. We watched all 6 hours of it. We watched some more shows and played the ds for awhile. All in all, it was a good weekend. We are definitely going to have to have another party at our house again soon. Till next time. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend review for 12/12 - 13/15.

 Friday night, I had to work a little later, but we rented Train Wreck and Melissa ordered pizza. So we had pizza and a movie night. The movie wasn't too bad. Im surprised that John Cena agreed to a lot of that. After the movie we went to bed.

 Saturday, we woke up and had some coffee. I dropped Melissa off at her hair appointment and I ran up to Walgreens for some prescriptions. After Walgreens I went to Bartells to look around while Melissa finished up. Melissa was done and we headed to Bath And Body Works for a soap sale. We were originally supposed to go to the Cedar Creek golf course lights, but we are all still sick and it was raining really hard and it was really windy. We decided not to go, we stopped at our friends house to drop off a few things. We did still go to the golf course, but for lunch. It was damn good too. I had a club sandwich and Melissa had a burger. We ordered a side of tator tots and a bowl of chili. We scarfed our food cause it was so good. 

 We packed up our leftovers and headed home. When we got home we finished wrapping the rest of the presents. We went downstairs and we played the ds for a little bit and watched some shows. Saturday night, we watched Self Less with Ryan Reynolds. It was actually a really good movie. 

 Sunday we did our normal house stuff and watched some shows. We played some more ds. I forgot what night, but I transferred some of my roms and save games from the Nook to Dropbox because Melissa got me some jump drives for me from our advent calendar. My thought was to start playing the games I left on my Nook on my Ouya. I haven't played on the Ouya in a long time. I never got to finish my 10 games for summer either. I'm trying to play catch up. Sunday night, I hooked up the Ouya and started doing all the updates for it and I was going to format the jump drive and by surprise, it was already good to go. Monday morning I was going to transfer the toms over to the jump drive from the Dropbox folder on my computer, but there was some locked properties on each file that couldn't be transferred. Therefore, I need to download each individual file. Not happening, now I'm going to have to hook up the Nook sd card and the jump drive and do the transfer that way. What a pain. Well that was my weekend, till next time. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 12.

 So I had two root canals done on my teeth. It's feeling a lot better than it has. I still have pain every once in awhile, but nothing like how it had been. So over the weekend, we went to go see The Hunger Games. There was so many people hacking and coughing, it was disgusting. Cut to Sunday, Melissa starts to feel like shit. We try the normal stuff and it doesn't seem to be helping. Well Tuesday morning, Melissa was having a hard time breathing. We were so close to going to the hospital, but we got her calmed down and propped up in bed. In the morning, Melissa went to the walk in clinic. So they told her she has a viral infection and gave her some stuff to take. It's so crazy how fast things change in sickness wise. Well yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I had Melissa rest and relax on the couch while I attempted making thanksgiving. It actually turned out really good. This year, we are both thankful for this job, because without it we wouldn't be able to go to the doctor or dentist. Thanksgiving turned out good and we got to relax all day. We watched Focus with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. They played off eachother so damn well. I want to see them again in another movie besides the Suicide Squad.

 So as I'm writing these week updates, I'm noticing I'm overlapping some topics with my weekend reviews. I'm gonna have to come up with another way to talk about my week, then again about my weekend. I guess I'll just start a post about work if something happens and I can do another post if something happens during the week away from work. And I will definitely keep the weekend reviews. Well that's my plan, till next time. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend review for 12/5 - 6/15.

 Friday night, we had some dinner and we watched some shows. Saturday we woke up and braved Bath And Body Works, for their three wick candle sale. It was legit Black Friday all over again. We got our stuff and I dropped Melissa off at home. I had to finish Christmas shopping, I headed in down the road and found some good stuff. The checkout line was as long as BNBW was. After I finally checked out, it was time to hit the next store. I had to find some scratch tickets and tried like three stores. The theirs store finally had them. Now it's off to Walmart. I had a lot of shopping to do there as well. Melissa and I FaceTimed for some shopping which was cool. She got to see what she needed and I didn't have to guess. Ha ha. After finishing Walmart, I stopped at Subway to get us some lunch. Well being stuck behind a half exposed disgusting bare ass for 10 minutes, I finally got our food and was headed home. I got home and we had the delicious sandwiches. Saturday night we wrapped some presents for a little bit and then we streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had the house stuff to do. After the chores were done, we wrapped some more presents. After that, I played the ds for a little bit and we watched some shows. Sunday night we watched some more shows and we went to bed. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekend review for 11/28 - 29/15.

 Thanksgiving was on Thursday and I got the day off, we decided to stay home and have our own little family dinner. Melissa is still sick so staying home is good. In the morning I throw the turkey in the crock pot and let it get going. We had some donuts for breakfast and we watched the parade. Melissa's mom showed up and brought Melissa some get well gifts. We all relaxed and talked. I played animal crossing for awhile to get all the thanksgiving special items. I threw the pie in the oven to get that ready. It was nice just resting and relaxing. Melissa did some Black Friday shopping online and got some deals. After awhile, it was time to make all the other dishes. I made mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy and rolls.

 For doing all this myself, it turned out pretty well. We relaxed some more and watched some shows. Later we watched Focus with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. It was actually a really good movie. Good twists and turns. And it all made sense at the end. They actually play off each other quite well. I want to see them work together again and not just in the Suicide Squad. 

 Friday night, we watched some shows and relaxed. We didn't watch any movies just some tv. Saturday morning, we woke up and it was time to start decorating for Christmas. I pulled out all the totes and bins from the closet. We started sorting through everything. We both decided since Melissa wasn't feeling well, she should stay inside. I started the tedious task of filling the huge bush we have with lights. Our neighbor let me use his ladder. I hate ladders, but I got it all set up. After all the outside was done, we both tackled the last of the inside. Melissa was amazing and got like 95 percent done so I only had a little but to do. I had to run to Walmart for some more extension cords, but all in all, we had everything. Saturday night we relaxed and watched some tv. 

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do and I had to hang some last lights in a couple of the windows. I got to play the ds a little bit and we watched some shows. That's about it, for this weekend, till next time. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 11.

 Monday my tooth hurt so damn bad we had to make an emergency appointment at this new dentist to see what was going on. They did the X-rays and found that I have some cavties and I need two root canals. They made an appointment for Wednesday. I got a prescription for some pain medication and antibiotic. Hopefully this helps with the pain. Tuesday I was at one of our buildings and the power kept blinking. We have a generator, but still. So low and behold, the power went out and the generator did not kick on. We have rooms full of people. We have to start kicking out the people and lock down the building. My house is without power and Melissa is home alone. I'm stuck at work, this is not good. So I have to help all these people out. We have to pack up all the important refrigerated stuff and take to another building before it goes bad. This is a cluster fuck. I finally get to go home and I have to stop by to get some ice. I get home I'm freaked out, Melissa's freaked out and we eat some pbnj for dinner and try to go to bed. We didn't really sleep and our power was still out. We woke up to no cell service and a text from my boss saying I was still needing to come in. Our power came on at like 7:30 ish and cell service came back on. I headed off to work. I was literally sitting in a parking lot watching the power crew fix the power lines. So finally they fixed the power lines and power was restored. The generator guy showed up and fixed the generator. I had to leave at 4 for my dentist appointment. I was so damn freaked out. I hate feeling trapped. So they numbed me a lot and I really didn't feel anything. It took almost 3 hours. At one point I almost fell asleep. After my appointment I went home and tried to just calm down. We had some soup and we went to bed. In the morning I actually felt better. Still swollen, but not too bad. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend review for 11/21 - 22/15.

 So on Monday I had my first dentist appointment and they said I needed a bunch of work done which I figured I did. They said wednesday they had an opening for me for my root canal. I got there wednesday and I was nervous as hell. So I missed some hours on Monday so I had to make those up then Tuesday the power went out so it was all sorts of fucked up. Back to Wednesday, I'm super stressed, tired and frazzled. They start the procedure and I'm trying not to freak out. I wanted to jump up and run a couple of times. But I kept telling myself I can't deal with this pain anymore. It got so bad I had to have warm water because it hurt so bad to drink. I gagged a couple times and it seemed like
It was taking like eight hours. After two hours and forty five minutes I was done. My tongue, jaw and cheek were numb and I was still in anxiety mode. It was crazy as hell. I only felt two shots, but it didn't really feel like a shot, it felt like a shock like from static or something. So I'm glad that was over and surprisingly I didn't feel too much pain at all. So still making up hours and dealing win the aftermath of the power outage, I had my second hepatitis b shot on Friday. I know I was sick last time, but I was not excited for it or my blood pressure. Well my blood pressure was actually really good for me and the shot went faster then last time and I did not flinch either. So Friday night, Melissa made some burritos and we just relaxed. We watched some shows and went to bed. 

 Saturday morning, we ran a few errands. I got some new boots for work and a few other things. After our errands we went and picked up our friend and headed to the Cinnabare for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2. It was pretty good. I didn't like the ending though. I thought it should have been different. After the movie we headed to Dicks Drive In for some food. Since my teeth weren't bothering me, I could finally get a cold milkshake and enjoy it. It was so damn good too. We dropped off our friend and we relaxed and watched some shows. We streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday we had our normal house stuff to do. Since all summer our weekends were thrown off, I actually had to mow the lawn for the last time before winter. That was not any kind of fun. After all the chores, we relaxed and played the ds for a couple hours. We watched some shows and cuddled up with blankets. I still cannot believe that Thursday is thanksgiving! This month has flown by so damn fast. Till next time. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 10.

 So I have been feeling better. It's just every once in awhile I'll cough or something, but it's not bad. So now my tooth has been hurting. It has a crack in it and a piece missing. It feels like it went to the root. So I finally feel better then my tooth starts hurting, whatever. So we got medical, dental and vision when I started this new job. Well I guess now is the time to start working on our problems. My wisdom teeth are bad too. Melissa is in the same boat. Melissa found what sounds like an amazing dentist and made us both appointments for the same day. That works for me. Hopefully they can find all the problems we have. I think I have a crack in another tooth aswell. So if they end up pulling this tooth maybe later I can think of getting an implant? They are very expensive though. So what does all this have to do with my job? Everything. So there was some miscommunication and it affected us all. I think they're still getting used to me being a part of the team because they're not really telling me much. It just gets frustrating when I'm all the way south and they ask me to drive all the way north. I understand it's their gas and their vehicle, but we still need to be efficient about it. And another situation was happening at one place then close to that place, another situation. One of the other guys couldn't leave the first location so I stopped by on my way there. Of course the situation is already over. One of the receptionist was able to calm the person down and leave the place. That's amazing and I told her she did a good job, but that's our job and they shouldn't have to do that kind of stuff. I know I'm still new and learning stuff, but these instances are eye openers. So I decided to call the other guys myself and figure out what's going on. It shows initiative and that I'm a team player. My hope anyways.

Weekend review for 11/14 - 15/15.

 Friday night, I rented Terminator Genisys and The Gallows from Redbox. Melissa didn't want to watch Terminator and I didn't want to watch Gallows so we had our own movie night. Melissa ordered Pizza Hut for dinner. So it was an awesome pizza movie night. The pizza was amazing. She got a pepperoni and garlic crust pizza and she also got a chicken and white sauce with ranch crust. Both totally amazing, we had t had pizza from Pizza Hut like that in awhile. She also ordered one of the cookie trays. So after an amazing dinner, Melissa headed upstairs and started watching The Gallows. She said it was a jump scare type scary movie. Terminator was actually way better than I thought it would be and it pains me to say it, Arnold did a really good job and actually made the movie better. I have nothing against Arnold, but I felt like they didn't necessarily need him to make the movie, but again, he did a good job. After our movies we went to sleep.

 Saturday morning, we got up and we relaxed for a little bit. I went to Walmart to return the movies and picked up a few things. After I got back, we organized and wrapped a few Christmas presents. After a few long hours we basically were like we have to be done. We watched a few shows. We got a coupon in the mail from Comcast for a credit for an on demand movie. We chose to watch Paper Towns. It's from the same guy that made Perks of Being A Wallflower and few others so it should be good. The movie was good, but I didn't like the ending. We went upstairs after that and we watched San Andreas. I do like San Andreas and The Rock is becoming a better actor in my opinion. Instead of just being an emotionless ripped guy, he is working on his emotions and I think it's working. We watched a show after the movie. 

 Sunday, we did our normal house chores and it was baking day. I found a recipe for some peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses on them. This was my first time making them so we were kinda nervous. I took my time and tried not to mess up.

 Melissa decided to try some Butterfinger crumbles she found. I think they turned out really good. We found a couple things we will change next time, but all in all, they were really good. The crumbles were really good too. We watched some shows and we played some ds. For dinner we made manicotti, it was amazing. Before we knew it the night was over and it was time for bed. I think it was a good weekend and it wine by too fast. Till next time. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 9.

 So I think I finally kicked whatever I had. I'm feeling better. I got some keys cut for work and I have been trying them. It was kinda funny and I should have expected it. One of my keys didn't work, it was like dejavu all over again. Now I have to go back to the lock place and have them fix or replace the key. We had to get our cars detailed for the higher ups. At first we're like, cool getting paid to sit here, but after awhile it's like man I don't want to be here. So I have been noticing the car has been looking more dirtier than normal. It's like the wax or whatever they used actually attracts the mud and dirt. So half the car is covered in dried on mud and dirt, the other part is clean and shiny. We have also been having rainy weather, so I can't take it to the carwash either. First world problems right. Things are getting a little easier and what's expected of me is becoming more clearer. Now we have to work on other people working on being safe and thinking about safety. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't get it that they need to think of others too. Well that was week nine, till next time. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekend review for 11/7 - 8/15.

 Friday night, after work we headed to Costco for some Christmas shopping. We got some good deals and we got dinner from the cafe. After we got home, we are and we watched a show. We watched Inside Out. It was a really good movie. I would actually buy it. The story was good. It reminded me of an old tv show called Herman's Head. We headed to bed after the movie.

 Saturday, we had our niece over for the day. In the morning we started organizing some bags from last night. Melissa pulled out the sweet moose mug ornament from Christmas Vacation. It got snagged on something and it fell and shattered. We got the glass cleaned up with the vacuum. I emptied the canister in the garbage and decided to take out the garbage. Well broken glass and hands don't mix. Part of the glass sliced the fat part of my hand under my thumb. Instant blood. I ran upstairs to get a band aid and to clean it out. Melissa got woozy and I was trying to get the blood to stop. I finally got a band aid on it and it was okay for now. And Friday, I was helping load some boxes and got a box cut on my finger. Really! After that, we took showers and got ready. We packed he car and we headed to IHOP. We ordered some fun pancake for our niece and I got a ham and cheese omelette and Melissa got a New York cheesecake pancakes. The food was amazing. Our niece did so good and no fits of any kind. After we ate, we headed to pick up Melissa's mom. We got her and we headed to a bazaar. We walked around for a little bit, but didn't really find anything to buy. After the bazaar it was time to ha d over our niece and go to Spuds. I told you about Spuds before for Melissa's moms birthday. It was actually a lot better this time then the last time. After that we headed back to Melissa's moms house and we hung out and talked for awhile. We headed home, but we stopped by Bartels and Walmart for some more Christmas shopping. We finally got home and we relaxed. We bought a sub from Subway and we ate. We streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do. I also had a project list of presents to build for some kids on our list. 

 After building the toys we got to relax for a little bit. Our weekend flew by, it seems like it went so damn fast. Then I heard the Gunnar Hansen the guy who played Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies died. 

 I always loved the movies and it is sad he died. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week eight.

 I'm feeling better than I have in the last couple weeks. It's weird getting back in the swing of things after you've felt like you're out of it. So yesterday I had some guy harass a worker, but I was only told after it had happened. Then I had a drunk guy that got denied service so I had to escort them out, luckily with no incident. This job is making me look at everyone completely different now. I'm not saying I never saw anything like this, but it's really an eye opener. I feel like everyone is trying to get over on one thing or another. If shit ever went bad, these are the assholes you'll have to deal with. Yay, that makes me excited. That was a sidetrack rant. I'm getting more used to all the different buildings and the people. I need to learn more about specific locations, but that will come later. I'm still getting used to the "team". Sometimes it doesn't feel like we are, but other times it does. I mean, they are still getting used to me too. Sometimes I feel like all this should be in place now, but some of this takes up to years. I still can't believe it's been eight weeks already. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend review for 10/31 - 11/1/15.

 Friday was one of the busiest days at this new job I have had in a long time. I was exhausted, so after work I had to run some errands and pick up dinner. Melissa was out grocery shopping. We actually times it well enough that we were home at pretty much the same time. I helped Melissa unload her car and we both put away groceries. After all that I started cooking some amazing pizza and bread sticks. We both chowed down on dinner and it was movie time. I rented Pixels from Redbox. We went upstairs and we watched the movie. The movie was actually better than I had thought it would be. There's been a couple Adam Sandler movies that haven't been very good. There was some really funny parts in it. We were both so tired, that we went to bed right after the movie.

 Saturday, was Halloween, we went to a couple stores and we got home and started getting everything ready for the Halloween party we were throwing. We got the chips and dips ready. We got the punch brewing. We got to relax for a little bit before our first guest arrived. Our niece loved the Halloween basket we made her. She was running around playing with the light sticks and toys. After a little bit we got some more visitors. It was Halloween on Animal Crossing too so I had to go trick or treating. I didn't do the furniture, but I did do the masks. I got the ghost, monster and something else. I started getting doubles of the masks so it was time to be done. We had Hocus Pocus playing in the background and we are just laughing my and bullshitting. It was a lot of fun. More fun then I thought it would be. We need to start doing that more often. 

 After Hocus Pocus, I popped in Piranha and then The Purge. Everybody started getting into The Purge and funny enough, someone actually was wearing a Purge mask trick or treating! That was crazy. After awhile, everyone started to leave and it was time for Melissa and I to clean up a little before bed. I don't even know what we watched, but after that we went to bed. 

 Sunday, was our normal house chores to do but, we had to take down Halloween and put up Thanksgiving decorations. Hours later we were done and trying to relax. 

 We watched some shows for a little bit and the. Before we knew it, it was time for bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week seven.

 So still feeling like shit, but better than last week. I don't know how I used to sit in one building for eight hours. After like three, in ready to go to the next. So this is Wednesday, knock on wood nothing exciting has happened and that's a good thing. Everyday I feel better than the last and not having excitement is exactly what I want. Melissa got me some candy and some treat bags for work. I put together the bags and I have been delivering them to all the buildings. It feels good that I am doing stuff like that. I also so got a peer recognition from a building on the company website. That's amazing. My old job didn't do anything like that. We got a half assed thank you sometimes for working a double. This place is completely different then what I'm used to. So I finished out the week with the busiest day I have had in years. The other two guys called off so it was just me. I had to get all the deliveries and pick up all the site stuff. I couldn't even tell you about more then a part of the day. I was going and going. I still didn't feel good so I was dripping sweat everywhere. My day flew by, but damn. I know that scenario is going to happen again, but at least I know what to expect next time. As I'm writing this, it's steady week eight. So till next time. 


Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend review for 10/24 - 25/15.

 Friday night, I was still feeling like shit. We had some dinner and we watched some shows. We headed upstairs and tried to find something on Netflix. I don't even know what we watched. We went to bed. 

 Saturday, still feeling like shit, Melissa went to a volleyball game. I stayed home and played some ds. I was trying to get the money rock on Animal Crossing, but I got a gem instead. That's cool, I also opened the gardening shop too. I need to start taking screen grabs of this stuff. I tried taking a nap for a little bit, but that didn't work. Melissa came home and dropped off some Ray's for me for lunch. I ate that up and Melissa was off again to a Tupperware party. I watched Z Nation and an episode of Quantico. After while, Melissa came home and we both got to relax. Melissa played on the ds for a little bit and I watched some shows. Saturday night, we watched Jurassic World. I still love that movie. It was funny though, they cut the part about her wearing the high heels. Everyone was laughing and talking about it in the reviews. I can't wait for the next one. 

 Sunday, we had lots of stuff to do. We had our normal house chores to do and I had to mow the lawn to get ready for Halloween. That completely wore me out. We got to relax and watch some shows. I played the ds some more. Melissa played some Happy Home Designer. I think it's amazing, that we both have games that we can play in the ds. Sunday night we went to bed a little early. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week six.

 So on Friday of week five, I had to get a shot. I've never had shots before and I have heard mixed stuff from everyone about the reactions to them. I guess I was already coming down with something, but I got my shot and it was fine at first. I still had to work and I started feeing really hot and sweaty. I'm  glad this was Friday. I didn't have shit to do except watch Mad Max. Friday night was rough, Saturday seemed a little better Sunday was better yet. Monday came and holy shit! I'm feeling like shit so for the last couple days it's been tough. I barely have energy, I'm tired and feel out of it. Melissa says she's feeling like shit too. I guess this is for the last couple times cause when Melissa was sick, I didn't get sick at all. So this is Thursday and I still feel it. I haven't felt this sick in awhile. I can't afford to miss days or I think I would have by now. There is improvement from yesterday and Monday, but damn. So it is Friday of week six. I feel better than I have all week, but still not all the way. This has been a very long week. Today is a good and bad day. It's a day I'll never forgot. I hope you have found peace. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend review for 10/17 - 18/15.

 Friday, I had to get my first of like six shots. So I haven't ever gotten shots before so I was like freaking out. I heard horror stories from people with their experiences with shots. So I go and get it done. They take my blood pressure and it is high. See, the weird thing is, when I got into my accident, it was high then too. Every time after that it was high. I'm figuring that it is just high, some people just have high blood pressure. Well I guess it is really bad even if it "normal" because your heart has to work really hard and can wear out. So I get the shot and I flinched. The nurse even said "wow, I've never felt anyone flinch before." Great, so that means my muscle will feel it more than it should have. Well I still have three and half hours of work to do. I was kinda feeing hot before the shot, but now I'm really feeling hot. Melissa is concerned about my blood pressure. So all the way around, I'm freaking out. So I finish work and go home. I have to stop by the store for some stuff and lunch for me tomorrow. I am definitely feeling this shot. We eat dinner and we watch Soaked In Bleach the other new Kurt Cobain documentary. It is the story of the private investigator that Courtney Love hired. It is actually a really compelling side of the story. Seattle police did not do a very good job and there is holes in the story everywhere. We went to bed after that. 

 Saturday, we woke up and I was still feeling like shit. We took a shower and had some breakfast. We watched some shows. I played some Animal Crossing on the ds for a little bit. Melissa had her annual girls night that night to go to. It worked good for me because I got to stay home and relax. So Melissa takes off for the girls night which she looks forward to and I start to watch Mad Max Fury Road again. I felt like when I first watched it, I wasn't seeing everything. I really did enjoy the movie and Tom Hardy does play a good Max. Charlize Theron, is an amazing actress. After Mad Max, I watched Mission Impossible 1. It is definitely and different type of movie. I felt like it was really slow. It was a lot different than I remembered. Melissa got home from from here ladies night and she brought home a burrito for me. I ate it up. We watched some shows and we went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do. I was feeling better than I had, but I was still feeling it. I played some Animal Crossing and Melissa and I played time Happy Home Designer. We watched some shows and relaxed. Sunday flew by, we couldn't believe it. Before we knew it, it was bed time. We did have a good weekend considering we both kinda felt like shit and didn't want to do anything. That's what I got for now, till next time. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week four and five.

 So my week started out pretty much the same as any other. I was closing one place and it was about an hour before closing time. I watch a guy walk in that didn't look like he belong there. I asked him what he was doing. He said it was none of my fucking business. Wow, okay, well actually it is my business. I asked him again and he said he was picking something up. I said well this is closed so if you don't have any other business here you need to leave. He said thanks for wasting my fucking time. His friend walks in and heads upstairs. The first guy was like, look I'm not fucking leaving and I'm taking a shit first. He starts walking to the bathroom. As we were talking, I saw his knife in his pocket and he kept rubbing it. I go tell the lady downstairs to call the cops cause I'm not dealing with this. I run upstairs and get the second guy to leave the building. I go back in reception and the guy comes out of the bathroom as the cops show up. I talk to the cops and they say it's good we called them cause this guy has a history of viloence and drug use. Well that's amazing. 

 Weeke five, I get called away from one site to go to another cause there's a potentially violent person at a place and they won't leave. I get there and the guy was talking on the phone. I talk to him and figure out what's going on. He needs a ride and to use a cellphone. Well neither of those are happening with me. So he calls someone and they talk for like four minutes. But they refuse to get him? So he tries calling another number, but it won't dial long distance. I tell him have the person you just talked to call the other number. He says no! Okay well at seven you're going to have to leave the lobby. Seven comes and he's trying and trying to get me to let him stay. I say nope not happening. I walk him out and that's it. So now I escort some people out because they're wondering where that guy went to. On a lighter note, I got told that I pissed off someone by saying they'll be right with them. Cause that makes sense. So clearly this is later than weeks four and five, but I don't have as much time anymore to dedicate to making sure these posts make it out on time. So I'm writing this on week six, I am still thankful and greatful for this job. I'm just still getting used to it all. The schedule the people and all that. Till next time.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend review for 10/10 - 11/15.

 This weekend was our 15 year anniversary and our 5 year wedding anniversary. Friday night after work, we headed up to the Redmond town center to the iPic movie theater. We have heard about it before, but it was always kinda spendy and a far drive. We we headed out and we stopped at Red Robin for dinner. It was really damn good good too. I haven't had Red Robin that good in a long time. The manager came over to talk to us about their remodel and how we liked it so far. It will look good when it's done. After dinner, we got lost trying to find iPic. We found it and we walked over what looked like a set out of a zombie movie. We got to iPic and we got our tickets. We sat in the lobby for a little bit and we were seated. The seats were big leather recliners with a little table in the middle of them. We sat down and we started looking over the menu. There was almost a fight over the seats next to us cause they bought tickets for the 6th not the 9th. The guys who the seats belonged to were nice about it. I don't know if I could have been. This shit is expensive and I'm not giving it up cause your mistake. I did notice some stuff that should have been a little better, but I gave it a chance. The table wasn't as clean as it could have been. The blankets were suspect. You don't ever see them bring the pillows and blankets out of the theater to wash them. We settled on a brownie ice cream cake and creme whatever cheesecake. It was actually really good. Our bottle waters were actually glass bottles. We sat and ate for a little bit and then the movie started. We were going to see The Martian with Matt Damon. It wasn't too bad. There was some really funny parts and some really slow parts. After the movie, we both had to use the bathroom and Melissa sliced her thumb open on the bathroom lock. She had to pour some sanitizer on it. Man did it look deep. She figured the next day she probably needed to get stitches. So we finally found 405 and we drove home.

 Saturday, was our actual anniversary so we had some amazing cinnamon rolls that Melissa had made. We were both really dam tired from the night before. I think that was too late to stay out, but you have to celebrate. After the cinnamon rolls we opened our presents. I got Melissa some diamond earrings she wanted and she spoiled me with a Nintendo 3ds. There went that budget. Ha ha. I played around with the ds for awhile and then it was time for us to pack and shower for the hotel. We stopped by GameStop to pick an ac adapter for the ds since they don't come with one and I picked up Animal Crossing New Leaf. We hadn't gotten an new Animal Crossing since Wild World for the ds lite. After GameStop, we headed up to Angel Of The Winds and checked in. We got our hotel key and checked out our room. It was actually pretty damn cool inside. I couldn't wait so I popped open the ac adapter and New Leaf and started playing. Melissa was like um it's time to go enjoy ourselves. We headed downstairs and got our new game cards and we made dinner reservations. We gambled for a little bit (well I should say I lost money for a little bit) and we headed to dinner. It was an amazing dinner. I had a steak, Melissa had the fish and chips. We got a cheesecake for dessert and it was a great time. 

 We went out and played the slot machines for a little while longer. We went back and got some candy for our movie night. We got some drinks and we headed back to our room. We played on the ds for a little bit. We watched some tv for a little bit, then we rented The Gift. It actually wasn't a bad movie. At first I was like this has been done before. We knew the plot already, stuff like that. The ending, holy shit, I wasn't expecting that. That was a good ending. We headed to bed. We actually didn't get any sleep, but not for that reason, it was really hot and stuffy in the room. I had the ac going, but we sleep with a fan going and we didn't have that. We heard a lot of people moving around and walking the hallway. 

 Sunday morning, after a long night, we got up and went to breakfast. It was amazing. It was a breakfast buffet. Good food and customized omelettes. We enjoyed ourselves. After breakfast, we tried one last slot machine and we were done. We headed back to the room for a shower and to pack up. We got our bags and we checked out. Heading back home, I was remembering all that we did. It was an amazing night. It was over way too fast. We got home and we had to do our normal house stuff. We relaxed and watched some shows. We made roast beef stuffed peppers for dinner and watched some more shows. That was out weekend. Happy anniversary babe, thank you for 15 years. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend review for 9/3 - 4/15.

 Friday night, I got Avenger Age Of Ultron. We had some Subway for dinner and then watched the movie. The movie was awesome. I really liked it. I don't like the love interest between Black Widow and Hulk. It just seems weird and out of place. She's already had love interests wth Tony Stark, Hawkeye and Steve Rogers. 

 Saturday, was Melissa's moms birthday. We ran a couple errands first, then we were going to go pick her up and take her to lunch. We took her mom to a place called Spud. It's a fish and chips place. It was actually pretty good. Everyone liked it, it was kinda spendy though. After lunch, we dropped her mom off at home and we did some more errands. We went to Hobby Lobby, Target and Walmart. At Walmart, I found the rest of my Friday The 13th movie collection and the other Texas Chainsaw Massacre I needed. After Walmart, we stopped by Burger King and I got the Halloween whopper.  When we got home I popped in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning. We started eating and my whopper wasn't sitting right as I was eating it. I pushed it off and we enjoyed our movie. After the movie, we headed upstairs. My stomach was killing me. Long night ensued. 

 Sunday, we headed to the Carleton Farm pumpkin patch. Our niece came and we took her around to the animals and the new corn play area. Yeah, that didn't go over so well. Ha ha, she did not like the corn or the sinking feeling at all. We went to the pumpkin cannon, I was for sure she wouldn't like that either, but she loved it. She got to shoot off her own cannon (with help of course) and she had a blast. Melissa and I split off from the group and we got our pumpkins, pumpkin donuts and our slushy apple cider. Man oh man was it good. We got our fill of donuts and cider and it was time for us to go. We headed to Target for a few things and we headed home. Since we left in the morning, we didn't have any time to do any house chores. As soon as we got home, we started busting out the chores. After we finally got done with everything, we watched some shows and relaxed. We watched Fear The Walking Dead. It was the mid season finale. It had the most zombies so far for any of the episodes. It was a really fun weekend filled with memories that will last us a long time. Till next time. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week three 9/30/15.

 So this is my third week of my new job. I can't believe it's already been that long. It seems like I just started yesterday or something. As the days go on, I do feel like it is getting easier. I do still get anxiety and nervousness, but it fades very quickly. That's a huge step for me and my anxiety. It's weird, I was stuck in one building for eight hours or more, now I want more than two a day. How crazy is that? I know there is going to be interesting things that happen, but I'm ready for it. I'm still getting used to the company truck, but it's getting better and easier for me. I finding the buildings easier now. I need to work on the best and most efficient routes to take. I know the way I take, but can I improve upon it? I also need to work on the time I leave my house to go to certain buildings, but that will come in time. Right now, I'm excited for this and I'm thankful for the opportunity I was given. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Weekend review for 9/26 - 27/15.

 So this is my first weekend review in a long time. I just haven't had the time to do one, but I really miss it. So here we go. Friday night, we rented The Age Of Adeline and Mad Max Fury Road. The Age Of Adeline was actually a really good movie. The premise has been done before, but they did this movie so well. The actors were amazing and they sold their characters. By the end of the movie, you're rooting for Adeline to find true love. I highly recommend this movie. Next up was Mad Max. This is a sequel to the first three movies. Tom Hardy actually did really good. He played Max aswell as Mel Gibson did. There was a couple times that I wanted more Max, as in more talking or something. Charlize Theron, did amazing in this movie too. This movie was non stop, over the top, as it supposed to be. I will be buying this for my collection. 

 Saturday, since we're on my new schedule, we get to wake up earlier than we had before. Which is really nice and it makes for longer days. We had a bunch of errands to run. We headed out and went to Walmart for a couple returns. Then we dropped off some clothes at the drop box. We then got Melissa's car washed. It hadn't been done in a while. I know, I know, but we have been busy. We got gas and picked up Christianos for dinner. After that we headed over to Oil Can Henry's for an oil change. We usually go to Grease Monkey, but we wanted to try this out. Note to self, get oil change first then car wash. There was more oil and grease on the car then to begin with. I'll try them again, but I'm still up in the air. After that, we headed over to McDonalds for lunch. We headed home and we ate lunch. We watched some shows and relaxed. Saturday night, we watched some more shows and the headed upstairs. We turned on Netflix and watched a documentary on college rape. They say 1 in 5 girls get raped at college, how fucked up is that. 

 Sunday, we had our normal house chores to do. I had to mow the lawn and we cleaned out all three cars. Melissa vaccumed and dusted while I finished the lawn. After all that we had lunch. We looked at the ads and The Avengers Age Of Ultron comes out on Friday. I am picking that up for sure. We finished laundry and we watched some shows. We watched Fear The Walking Dead. I like the show, but it seems kinda slow. From what I read, The Walking Dead is too. We watched a few more shows and Melissa went to bed and a little later I did too. So all in all, it was a really good weekend. I hope yours was too. Till next time. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

A new week.

 So all last week, I was training. This week I am officially on my own. I'm kinda nervous and scared. I have to think back to my first days at my old job. It's hard to do because it's been so long ago. I know I was more scared then. I hated riding elevators, I didn't know how to use the site phone and I was left alone for quite a few hours. That's regular though, that's a common thing with anyone. Soon after I arrived, that all went away, now it's time to figure out what I need to do. I know what to do, but I need to learn these places and it will get easier as it goes. Being at two buildings a day will help with boredom and complacency. So it breaks down to three and a half hours at each place. A half hour for lunch and half hour for drive time. That's not bad at all. 

 Day two, so I'm starting at a different building then I ended at. Then I'm going to the same building as I started with the day before. It sounds weird, but I kinda like it. I get mileage reimbursement for going to a different site. I have computer training class at a different building also today. I'll just take it hour by hour and go from there. This is a marathon, not a race. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

It is official.

 On Friday, I called my boss and quit. I said my last is Saturday and I'm dropping all my uniforms off and that's it. He said next Saturday? I said no, tomorrow. He said okay. I explained to him that I could not pass this up any longer. And I needed to go to a training thing on Sunday so I need it off and Monday I start work. I don't have a a training thing on Sunday, but I do need the day off. So after officially 12 years at my job, it's over. 

 I came into work today, not really wanting to at all. I get a call asking if ill work a double today. I say no, that's not happening. They say well stay for four hours then. I say no, that's not happening. I say have the person come in early and I'll train them for a few hours, then at five, I'm gone. They say we'll work on it. Oh and on top of it, I got a trainee spring on me today. I mean info get it, but this is actually a courtesy to you, not me. I don't need to worry about what this place thinks anymore and I won't be wasting anymore of my time on this. So this whole morning, I have this doichebag asshole, trying to tell me that this amazing job "doesn't need to pick the top caliber, because they're a small company". I say they actually can pick whoever they want and who knows how many people they had apply. I'm trying to talk to basically a kid who lives at home with mommy and who doesn't have a girlfriend or wife. Okay dude, when you get to where I need to be, let's talk, otherwise shut the fuck up. And this is just another reason why I am leaving this toxic, bullshit, not caring company. They treat their employees like shit, so in turn those employees treat other people like shit. They don't care if someone's lays all the time or calls off until someone complains. Then they turn around and treat people who actually want to work, like absolute shit. How does that make sense? They don't want people with a brain, they want a warm body, any body in a chair for the shift. How does that make sense? Yes I am bitter. Yes I am pissed. Yes it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not completely bad nothing this company, but this is all ridiculous. This job wasn't all bad, but there was more bad then good. That's why when I look back, there will be more bad then good memories. 

 People always wonder why other people are pissed off all the time. It's cause they get treated like shit, trying to live. This old company has a huge turnover rate, why? Because they don't look for quality, they look for anything. Yes I know that sounds bad for myself even, but I have worked my ass off to be where I'm at now. 12 years! 12 years, I have put up with all kinds of shit because I needed to make a living for my family. And that's my job to do that, but I don't need to not be appreciated. Even when I would work extra hours or come in early for a shift, I never got a thanks. How fucked up is that? Then they want to hold shit over your head, even when you just busted your ass for them. That's wrong, that's not right. Looking to the future, it already looks better. These new people, already seem way better. The emails and voicemails are already better. I'm sad to see parts of this chapter closed, but oh, am I so ready to see the new one open. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Everything was a test that ended in validation.

 When things at my old building turned for the worst, I thought it was over. I thought I was screwed and I just ruined our lives. I know everything happens for a reason, you just have to find out the reason. I had close to 12 years of experience working in the same building. When the opportunity for site supervisor came about, I was like this is my chance to move up and make a career out this. It came down to three people for it. We all got our first and second interviews. When I wasn't picked I was pissed off. I couldn't understand why they didn't pick me. I know the building with my eyes closed. I was told that I was "rough around the edges", that "sat down aggressively" and they were looking for a new direction. They ended up picking a almost a year in new guy, but he had military experience. Okay, okay, I get it. Okay time to focus on getting better. I can do this, it's not like I haven't ever been turned down for a supervisor position. In fact, my first time, I never even got a call back. I got some generic email saying they weren't interested. I waited a couple of years and tried again. This time I got a call back and a interview. My manager told me that my application was "pulled out of the garbage to give me a shot". Wow, that's some harsh shit to hear. Well obviously, I didn't get that one either. That's why I was so hopeful for this third time around. 

 A person can only take so much before stop giving a shit about anything. So after the third disappointment, that's when the whole asshole thing happened. That's when I was kicked out of my site I had been working at for almost 12 years. I had never been written up before and I was never in trouble. I worked extra shifts a good amount of times. And that's how I get treated. Again, I know it was serious, but it was not that serious. So I got thrown into this Stone Age, soul and life sucking building. I have this crazy schedule and no Saturday, Sunday weekends. I had to fill in for another site that was up near Factoria mall. The only good thing was, I was able to talk to an old coworker, who was now site supervisor there. She was telling me about all these people she has written up and they're still working there. She told me about a person who management does not like, but still works there. Wow, is that so!? Clearly the office was out to get me. So I had been applying for different jobs. I found a health care place that sounded amazing for me and my career. I found a couple other places that would be okay for what I am doing know. I had a couple interviews, but nothing was panning out. As I was traveling between all theses places, anxiety was getting to me. Panic attacks, were affecting me. I would be stuck in traffic or traveling farther than I was before. This was happening as I was trying to get used to my new building. My new schedule. I heard from an acquaintance, that our ex friends grandma had died. Now I am not a ruthless, heartless asshole, I was not about to call them. Melissa thought we should send them a card. I really didn't want to, but we did anyways. 

 Today on my way to work, I had a moment of clarity. I was thinking to myself, that this was a test, all of it was. I said no to two jobs because they wouldn't work. I had an interview with the  health place and an interview with another place where I was placed on a call list. The health job, would have me driving all over the place on the freeway stuck in traffic, just all of that. I would be interacting with all sorts of people. My test? It was to get me prepared for all of my responsibilities. Traffic, different buildings, different people, just all sorts of different from what I'm used to. This morning, Melissa and I saw two Hawks flying around our house. We have seen Hawks before, but not two flying around with each other. My old supervisor texted me and said the health place called him and it went good. The clarity, the tests were for this moment, this is what I have been waiting for. I was called by the health place and was offered a job and I accepted it. 

 Everything happens for a reason. I was supposed to go through all of this, all of these tests to make sure I was ready. Well I am, I am ready for this new chapter. I feel validated but the fact that this company liked everything about me and my experience to give me a job. You can't have a future, without a past. You can't live in the past, you have to look to the future. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday 9/7/15.

 It's weird, I talked to my old supervisor today and it seemed like he didn't want to talk to me. Well that's fine, just remember, you owe me. I conveyed to him the importance of him answering any phone calls due to him being my reference. I told him that I would stop using him and he said no that's okay, you still can. Are you sure? Is that too much of an inconvenience to you? Cause it sure seemed like it. What sucks is, these last two jobs I had an interview with, he is my reference. So he and I are basically, stuck for these ones. I am definitely not using him anymore for my next applications. So my interview with the job I want happened. I can't get my hopes up at all, but I'm always thinking about it. Lately, it seems like I just need something positive to think about. My new building is soul sucking and if I think about what I lost, I get pissed and stressed. I do know what happens when we get our hopes up though. And it normally doesn't end well. Sometimes things work out and sometimes not. I try to not get stressed and have anxiety, but it's super hard. Sometimes I catch myself not even enjoying what I used to like. That's no way for anyone to live. Saturday night, I felt anxious, nervous and I had a huge headache. I barely got sleep and it was a long day. Why? Why did that happen? So I got to work and it was fine. Sunday night, I got home from work and I was able to relax and enjoy our night. It still feels weird to me, working on Saturday and Sunday. It feels even weirder, coming home and actually having time with Melissa. We normally wouldn't get this much time together because of our schedules. I like spending time together and it makes me happy. I know that if I got a new job and schedule, we would be so much happier. But again, right now that's risking too much on a hope. I don't know the point of this post, but I guess writing some issues down, helps.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life 2015.

 I haven't been writing lately, because life has been very interesting, but not in a good way. I don't even know how many weeks it has been since this all happened. Things have been a blur of nerves, emotions and mixed feelings. It started one day when I pulled into my garage at work. I got out of my car and watched a person speeding through my garage. Literally, tires were squeeling as they tore through the garage. I confronted the person in the garage and I was telling them the problem with them doing that. Long story short, they couldn't give a shit less and they were actually pissed off at me telling them they were wrong. I left the person alone and walked away. I got close to my desk and I said to my coworker "that guy is being an asshole." Well all of a sudden, this guy comes up to the desk and says, "What did you call me?" My coworker, I thought, took care of the person and all was over. I even said to my coworker that I had fucked up and shouldn't have said that. This was on a wednesday, Thursday, I was asked by a few people what had happened. I told them and I told them I messed up and shouldn't have said anything. They all said they would have done the same thing as I did. I also received a call from a manager, but he didn't say anything to me about anything. Friday, I asked my supervisor why ideas being asked what happened. He said he told them to cut the guy off at the pass and tell them before he could. It makes sense, but why would you say something at all, if you took care of it days ago with the guy himself?

 Monday, I come into work and here's my supervisor with a write up. I look at him like he's fucking crazy. I literally ask him if he's kidding. He says no and says what you didn't think this would happen? I said absolutely not. Well things starting changing at that point with me and him. I knew he was trying to cover his ass, but I thought he would cover mine too. Well that's why we're here now. Again, I know I fucked up, I know I did something bad, but I didn't think it was as serious as it was. Looking back now, I know of that wouldn't have happened, something else would have. 

 Three weeks go by, and I'm still working there, but I'm hearing all these people say, it it was up to them I would be gone. So what the fuck? Why keep me there for so long, but you want me gone? I am so confused at this point, I don't even know what to do. Well for whatever reason, whoever got their head out of their ass and said Friday was my last day. As you can see I was going through the twelve steps of pissed-off-ness. So here what happened, they offered me to work in Seattle instead of Bellevue. To me this can't happen, I can't physically, emotionally and mentally work there. I have anxiety through the roof with the mention of Seattle, let alone going there. So my only feasible option was to take a paycut to stay in Bellevue, while I look for a new job completely. I knew that after I didn't get the supervisor position for my building I have been working at for 12 years, that I didn't have a way to move up in my company. That I didn't have any chance to use my skills and my experience I have gained. As these thought filled my head, the dread started. I would have to leave the place I knew for 12 years, my place of comfort and security. They actually tried to make me work ten days straight. What company does that? So the new busing I work at its like a soul sucking black hole. It makes you not want to try. I can't stay in a place like that for too long. I had to fill in at another building on wednesday. It was across the street from the Factoria Mall. That's an amazing neighborhood, that was sarcastic if you couldn't tell. So this is a compound of 6 medium rise buildings. This is over a couple city blocks wide site and they consider it a tier 2 site, meaning lower pay. I've gathered that, my pay was one of the highest besides supervisors in Bellevue. Why wouldn't they want to pay me less? Why wouldn't they want to change my old building into a tier 2 and give those guys a pay cut? Well, whatever, it's no loss when you actually sit and think about it. So what if my old supervisor takes a paycut? I asked him to be a reference and for a letter of recommendation, he said he would. Still hasn't, so what does that mean? I don't know, but I know that some peoples words don't mean a whole lot to themselves, let alone to other people. 

 Brighter news, I actually have received calls of interest about my résumé. Me stick piling experience paid off in that regard. What doesn't look good is me not being supervisor for that long and hits being a regular employee. That might make people think bad of me. This time has been the worst for us. We have been through more serious than this, but it's either way too much or we're not able to cope as well, as we used to. We have been more stressed out and freaked out for the future than ever before. If I don't find a new job with as much money or more than I was making before, we're fucked. So back to that ten days straight schedule, I had to use my personal day and lose a day of pay for us to have a "weekend". Our weekend was actually Thursday and Friday. We did actually have a very good weekend, but stress is always there. Anxiety, is always there. When you are unsure about anything, you can't enjoy anything. You feel guilty for having fun or spending money. I put us in this situation, it is my job to take care of us. All real men knows what that feels like. 

 I can't get our hopes up for anything, I'm just hopeful for something to come song that will be what we need. I do know everything happens for a reason. Bad things have happened before and they eventually worked out in the end, but getting to the end is the hardest part. I couldn't do any of this without Melissa by my side. I am so thankful to have her. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Midweek update 7/29/15.

 Video games, so Monday I told you I played and beat Battlefield Hardline. That was my 7th game I beat for the 10 games of summer challenge.

 All in all, Battlefield Hardline, was not a bad game. I didn't like all the sneaking and stealth missions. The run and gun sections, did not make up for those sections either. It always felt like you had to go about everything ass backwards. It wasn't really fluid to me, but Battlefield 4 wasn't either. I hated how Battlefield 4, you had to make your squad move and engage enemies. I don't play games like that on purpose, so forcing me to do it, really sucks. Hardline, you didn't have to control them, but they didn't really engage until almost after you were done killing everyone. I did like the story as a whole, but the whole tv show vibe I didn't like. I would give Battlefield Hardline a 6 out of 10, just for the game play aspects and slow AI for npcs. And yes, my, not real gamer skills are partially to blame, but other games, newer games haven't had those issues. I really truly hope EA makes Battlefield 5 and maybe another Hardline type game. In my opinion, Battlefield 2 wasn't very good, but 3 blew it out of the water and 4 made it more better. I want another Medal Of Honor game too, speaking of first person shooter war games. I will be buying Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 though, exo suits and all.

 So now, I have to pick my last game and beat 3 more. Nope, not hard at all (sarcasm doesn't write well). I still, really have no idea what my 10th game will be. I did play some A Link To The Past and I took some screen shots, but I didn't upload them in time for this. I am at Ganon's Tower. Fuck this tower! I know it's the last and supposed to be the hardest and it is! I'm at the spot where you have to hit a crystal to lower the blocks, run past spikes, kill two enemies that copy your movements, hit a switch to open a door and re run through the spikes. Oh that's too easy, (sarcasm). I don't even know how many times I've died.I'll keep trying and I will eventually beat it, but damn. I haven't played any other games.

 Tv shows I'm watching, I finished the Tut 3 part series. It was actually really cool, I liked the story and it was crazy to see all the betrayal happening. I think I would watch it again actually. Every single person, was trying in one way or another kill King Tut. They were plotting against him for power and status. It kind of reminded me of Apple and Steve Jobs, how they fucked him over on his own company. Steve Jobs got the last laugh, but Tut never did. It was cool seeing Kylie Bunbury from Under The Dome in there as well. I would watch a full length movie on Tut actually. Speaking of Under The Dome, it has been getting weirder and weirder. No spoilers, Barbie is being weird, Big Jim is the sane guy and Julia is the new bad ass. I'll keep watching it for now. Zoo has been getting more interesting and weird at the same time. The connections are coming together, but the show keeps adding extra little bits that I don't know is necessary. The whole premise is, no spoilers, animals going crazy. Why show some random animal scene? I need a new zombie fix, I can't wait for Fear The Walking Dead. I just hope it doesn't disappoint me. I don't know the last time I brought it up, but they are filming the new Resident Evil movie with Milla Jovovich in it. Too bad I have to wait a year or whatever for it, but I'm still excited.

 Movies I'm watching. I been re doing a lot of movies. Some movies I re did had issues with sound or subtitles or whatever. It's been a lot of work again, but hopefully it will be worth it. I did stream some movies from my office computer to the Hp mini and they looked really good. They had good sound and video, so that part is good. I've been watching the Nolan Batman trilogy again. Those are some really good movies. Melissa even said she would watch The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises with me to prepare for Batman Vs Superman. Shit, I'll take it. I have been watching Jurassic Park trilogy. I started watching the Predator trilogy and I started watching the Alien anthology. I love the Alien franchise, but it's hard to get into the movies again. Alien is kinda slow even during the action parts.

 Computer stuff, I still have yet to work on the Raspberry Pi, I did some updates on the Hp mini and I reserved the Windows 10 upgrade for it. My work computer was erroneously clicked by a old coworker for the Windows 10 upgrade. It is supposed to be released today, so I checked the status and Windows already downloaded the update to this computer. There was no saying yes or clicking download, it just did it. That's really weird, I didn't think Microsoft would start doing that like Apple does with it's updates, but I guess so. So I need to make some time and see what Windows 10 looks like on the Hp mini, but I'm kinda scared. The mini is working amazing as it sits right now. Windows 8.1 tiles are still annoying, but it is working good otherwise. I know I could always reinstall 8.1, but it takes some work. Another thing is though, if Windows automatically downloads 10's files, it's going to take up a lot of room. Especially since the Hp recovery partition can't be removed. I have some serious thinking to do.

 Random internet pictures,

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend review for 7/25 - 26/15.

 On Friday night, we had an amazing chicken caesar wrap dinner. Melissa had been slow cooking it all day in the crock pot. While we mowed our delicious dinner, we watched some Big Brother. After dinner, we headed upstairs and started flipping through Netflix for something to watch. We couldn't decide on anything so we chose Icetastrophe. It was definitely a "B" movie, I thought it was okay. I like most b movies. Melissa didn't like it too much though.

 Saturday, we had a date planned. We were going to do a movie and a lunch. We bought tickets for Minions 3D. This was my first new 3D movie. I only ever remembered the old fashioned red and blue paper glasses they gave me instant headaches. So I was apprehensive about this new sun glasses looking 3D. Well the screen without the glasses was a lot more blurry than I though it would be. Wearing the glasses was a lot more blurry than I thought it would be. It was so blurry in some places because of the fast movement, that it gave me a headache. I'm not any type of videophile snob, but how are people raving about 3D!? How do so many self proclaimed videophiles like this. It blurs, tears, distorts and isn't really clear. I'm, glad I tried it, but it's not for me. There was some cool 3D moments though, there was a bird that flew from no where, snow flakes falling and stuff like that. Unfortunately, all the new led tvs mostly have 3D built in, so it will go to waste for us. After the movie, my eyes and head hurt. Melissa said she got a headache and her eyes hurt as well. We headed to McDonald's for lunch, we had to get a new Minion toy for the collection. Our food was done and we headed home. At home we had our lunch and we watched some shows. We got to relax and no do too much. We watched some more shows and we had dinner. After dinner we headed upstairs and we watched Horrible Bosses 2. Well at least they weren't lying on the title. It was horrible and pointless. There was a couple funny parts in it, but as a whole, it sucked. What a waste of an hour.

 Sunday, we had our house stuff to do. I got my stuff done and I played some Battlefield Hardline. I finally beat that damn game! We watched some shows we had stacked up. We made another amazing dinner, we had biscuits and gravy. It worked out well because, it was actually cold and rainy. We watched some more shows and Melissa went to bed. I watched a couple episodes of Mythbusters and headed to bed myself. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Friday, July 24, 2015


 This is the Alien Vs Predator Ultimate Showdown Collection. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Midweek update 7/22/15.

 Wednesday, where have you been? Video games, Monday I told you, that I played a few missions on Grand Theft Auto 3. I don't know how many missions total it has, but that's okay. I still haven't picked my 10th game in my, 10 games for summer. I really have been slacking on playing A Link To The Past. I haven't played it in a few weeks, but I have tried some new to me games which are: The Sword Of Mana, The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and SD Gundam. All for the Game Boy Advance. I'm slowly getting my ROMs in order for these games. I like playing the GBA games on my Nook, it makes it easier. I shouldn't be neglecting the 10 games for summer, but I had to check the games out. I have also been redoing a lot of my movies, so I have been using a lot of my time seeing if the movies look okay or if I have to re do them again. I'll get into that more later though. It's interesting to see how well some video games are made. Some of these new to me GBA games are 12 years old. They have good graphics for what it is and they have good soundtracks. I have two missions left in Battlefield Hardline and I know I'm pretty close to finishing A Link To The Past. I'll keep working at it and try and get re motivated for ALTTP.

 Movies I'm watching, So I have been re doing the Alien Anthology, (Side note, my DVD set discs still say, quadrilogy. My Blu-ray set says anthology, basically I have even more of a collectors edition.) so the anthology isn't the remastered version, it's basically just a film to DVD transfer. So I get all sorts of artifacts and pops on screen. I don't have an issue with that, until it blurs scenes while I'm trying to watch it. So when I originally made the digital file, I used mp4, which is fine, but I've noticed on my use and equipment, m4v works better. I normally do older movies in m4v and newer in mp4 anyways. Like I said, the tears and blurs get old, that's why I am re doing them in m4v to see if it helps. I was watching Batman Begins and there was a part where the movie just froze. I'll have to figure that out, but I might be re doing the file again. I am going to re watch the Predator trilogy again. I'm watching The Expendables again. I really, really want to get Days Of Futures Past Rogue Cut! I am so mad I don't have it already and I want The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Cut. Each movie adds more to the story. I probably said it already, but I want the Interstellar Directors Cut if they come out with it. I need to get a Blu-ray drive for my computer too.

 TV shows I'm watching. So The Zoo is staying about the same for me. It is still interesting and I'm looking forward tot he next episode, that's saying a lot. I like end of the world scenarios and this is definitely fitting the description. Under the Dome as of right now, is still holding my interest. I have heard a couple people say that they are done watching the show permanently. Next month, is Fear The Walking Dead, which I can't wait for. I need my zombie fix already. I recorded a mini series called Tut, I am very interested in this show. I watched other period shows and it was fine for me.

 Computer stuff, so re doing movies might go into the computer section, but oh well. I need to work on the Hp mini and get the Windows 10 upgrade going really soon. I need to actually fire up the Raspberry Pi and try out the new RetroPie beta. I need more time to do stuff I want to do, said everyone all the time.

 Random internet pictures, 

Okay, this pisses me off to no end. I hate how Apocalypse looks in the new X-Men movie! There is nothing against Oscar Isaac, but he does not fit the character and suit and makeup sucks!

All the time.

Every damn day!

I'd wear this.

This will happen, these baby g Nikes will be mine!

 So I have been following this guy on Instagram and his dioramas are amazing!! I don't know when or how, but I will attempt to do at least one of these. I have my sweet Link Melissa bought for me and I can take screen grabs from The Legend of Zelda... you can see where this is going. I would have to get all the supplies and patients, but I think this would be amazing! Maybe I could put my Predator in there and chase after toon Link? Maybe I can put Mario in there against, who knows? The point is it would be endless fun. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend review for 7/18 - 19/15.

 On Friday night, we got Subway for dinner and we watched Big Brother. After dinner we headed upstairs and we fired up Netflix. We found some weird Australian movie called These Final Hours. So it sounded like either a meteor or something was going to end the world in like 12 hours. It started out really damn weird and kept being weird. So the world is ending, what do you do? Do you kill someone? Do you party like no tomorrow, pun intended? We there's a little bit of everything in this movie. A disturbing part for me was two guys kidnap a 10 year old if that girl. You can see where it is going with that, but the main character saves her with nothing happening to her. It was weird, but interesting.

 Saturday, we had another birthday party to go to. Melissa spent most of Friday afternoon, busting her ass making cupcakes. she had spent at least a month or so getting decorations and and stuff ready for it. I hope she's getting compensated for it. So on a 90 plus degree day, we have to deliver cupcakes and setup a table. It sounded like after the fact that either the girl didn't like something or she was just being a bitch. I told Melissa, our new word will be, no. Can you help with this? No. After the obligatory staying for a little bit, we headed home. We stopped by Target, a couple stores and we got lunch. After I was done shopping, I walked outside and there all this smoke and ash.

 Well we looked across the parking lot and we saw all this smoke. Some trees caught fire and was burning near a power pole. We got in our car and got our of there. After a little bit, we heard that the power had been lost because of the fire. We got our lunch and we drove home. We scarfed our food and then we started working on some more raffle baskets for the palooza that was on Sunday. We finished the baskets and we started to finally relax and watch some shows. After awhile we made a nice cold dinner. We watched a few more shows and headed upstairs.We streamed a movie and we headed to bed.

 Sunday, we had to wake up early and get read for the palooza. We got ready and packed up the cars. We headed to Starbucks and got coffee. We made it to the freeway then it all stopped. There was an earlier accident that was now on the shoulder, not blocking any lanes and people on all three lanes were stopping and gawking. Really!? No one, this day and age, has never seen a wreck? We finally got to the venue and were locked out. The owner was caught in the same traffic as us. We got in the venue it was already 90 degrees and we started setting up. Well, it ended up being 96 degrees and this was the best palooza they had ever had. Melissa had started working on this in January. They raised a good amount of money and people had fun. Finally after many hours, it was our turn to go home. We stopped by Dick's Drive In and we got some burgers. We ate and I ordered some burgers to go and we drove home. When we got home, we got comfortable and watched some of our shows. It was time for Melissa to go to bed. I played a few missions in Grand Theft Auto 3. My Tut recording messed up, but I found it again. After awhile I was so damn tired, I went to bed. I am so proud of Melissa for everything she has been doing and accomplishing lately. She has majorly stepped out of her comfort zone and made stuff happen.