Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midweek update.

 Let's see, I really haven't played any video games since last week. What I did do was, forget to post more pictures for my Zelda centric post. I even talked about the magic rock!? Ha ha. Without further ado

A Link To The Past, magic rock? The sparkling rock?

Now I don't remember what boss this was, but I'm a baller with 999 rupees.

 It was kind of funny this morning as I was thinking to myself. I was like I wish I had an Android based video game machine that I could play my Nook emulators on. The not dawned on me, what is one of the greatest Android consoles to come out in my opinion? The Ouya, and I own it. I really need more time to play my games and I wouldn't have had the lapse in memory. I also haven't been feeling good again. This has been one of the worst sickness seasons I can remember. Monday morning I work up and it felt like I barely got any sleep. Tuesday night, was a little better, but I felt kinda dizzy. Just crazy shit. I haven't even played any of the digital GTA's I bought. Anyways, on to computer stuff. I haven't done anything with computers lately either. I have either been too tired or not interested in it. I know during the summer, I will want to work on these things more. Well at least Petrockblog is still on Retropie Beta 2. I'm not that far behind yet.

 Movies I'm watching. I finished with Star Wars Episode II. I love Star Wars, I love all the movies and I love the story and how it unfolds. Episode II, kinda, just a little bit, lost it's shimmer for me. I used to defend episode II from everyone cause they hated Hayden Christensen. I still really do love episode II. Well now I'm on to episode III. I started watching The Minority Report with Tom Cruise. For a 13 year old movie, this is actually holding up quite well. If there ever is pre cogs, we're all fucked. This society is going down the tubes with the quickness. I started watching Blade II again. You might already know, but Blade is actually a Marvel character. Yes that Marvel, which is responsible for Avengers, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man to name a very few. Now I wish they could throw Blade into one of the movies, at least a cameo or something. Wishful thinking I know, but they got Spider-Man so anything could happen. I'm still working on finishing Die Hard 1. That's really all I got for movies.

 I have a song that Melissa and I like and I'll download it soon. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money. It's funny, we actually saw this on an awards show and we were like what the fuck! So over the weekend (another thing I forgot to write about) we were headed down to the Dollar Store and this guy in a hybrid was bumping this song as loud as his stock speakers could go. Ha ha. We were dying laughing. So just picture this when you listen to it.

 Random internet pictures,

69 isn't bad.

 Well that's about it for this post, till next time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend review for 4/25 - 26/15.

 Friday night, Melissa had to go to bed early because on Saturday, she had a March Of Dimes walk to be in. So I had an amazing Winco deli sandwich waiting for me and a Netflix movie to watch. I popped in Frankenstein Vs The Mummy. I knew it would be a "b" movie, but oh my god. It was two hours long and horrible. It turned into a "c" movie. I actually fast forwarded in parts to make it to the end. I kind of wished I would have streamed it, so I wouldn't have wasted my movie by mail, oh well. So I was done eating and I was ready for bed.

 Saturday morning, I woke up and Melissa was still at her walk. I should have slept in more, but oh well. I had been working early on Thursday and Friday and it caught up to me. So I went downstairs, made some coffee and vegged out on so Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. It was about time itself. Is time made up by humans or was it always around and then we discovered it? Melissa got home from her walk and we started relaxing on the couch. After awhile we still had some errands to do, so we headed down to the dollar store. We picked up a few things and we headed over to KFC for some lunch and dinner. We headed back home and had our lunch. It was actually really good, we got a go cup lunch cup. It had potatoes wedges and popcorn chicken. Saturday night, we watched more shows and we headed upstairs to watch a movie. We started watching Home Sweet Hell, but we feel asleep watching it. Ha ha.

 Sunday we were both still feeling the week, but we had our normal house chores to do. We were both not feeling chores, house work, spring cleaning and all that. It was a really long headache inducing day for both of us. We already felt like we had a shorter weekend and Sunday fucked us over. We eventually got to relax a little and watch some shows, but the day flew by so fast. We made an amazing dinner consisting of lil' smokies, jalapeno poppers and deviled eggs. That's how a, don't give a fuck Sunday dinner goes. Ha ha. Till next time.

A little score I got from the dollar store. I was gonna do this cool collage of the cards, but oh well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, Wednesday, man lets get straight in it. Video games I have been playing. I don't know why I didn't post these pictures before, but I have been playing The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap, and this is from the boss battle for the Water Element. 

 I told you before how I was deciding on how to replay A Link To The Past. Well I  have decided to replay The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past, for the GBA. A couple reasons is its easier to save in game because it's made for the GBA and you can't wait for a save point. It's a little different in that you can hit rocks for prizes. It's actually kinda funny because in the original Animal Crossing for the GameCube, you shake trees for fruit and bells. You hit rocks for money. You catch bugs in nets. In A Link To The Past, you can do all that too. So did Animal Crossing, use that stuff from Zelda? I think it's cool.

I love the humor in these games. I made this collage with Layout, I think it works well and is easy to use.

The famous Mario painting in A Link To The Past.

This was my inspiration behind...

this picture. If you can't tell I'm coming up with reasons to post my homemade bee in a jar.

 I'm just still so irritated by having to replay all this over again. I want to hurry up and get to the spot I was at even though I was stuck. I have been doing a couple missions in GTA III and Liberty City Stories, no pictures though. I'm having a hard time on deciding what to play and when. First world problems right.

 Movies I'm watching, I have been watching Christine. I love that movie and I love Christine. The 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. Ever since I was a kid watching Christine, I have wanted that car. I started the Resident Evil series again. I don't have any music and the only thing I've done with computers is watched Guardians Of The Galaxy on the Hp Mini. Random internet pictures,
To finish the theme, Minion as Link.

 Till next time.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend review for 4/18 - 19/15.

 So we got a surprise on Friday, Melissa's mom called and ordered pizza for us. So when I got home we had some amazing Papa Johns pizza for dinner. We watched a show, headed upstairs and watched some crazy documentary on Netflix. I told you a little bit ago about this movie watched and it was actually really disturbing to me. Well this documentary had some of the same elements as the movie. People were doing some movies and some of the actors were tied up and bound. I didn't like that type of stuff. To me, it seems like legal torture. I don't like seeing people in that type of situation.

 Saturday, we woke up early and headed out to do some errands. We had planned on going to see the tulips, but Melissa was not feeling well at all, so we stayed local. We headed down to a yard sale we saw posted. We didn't end getting anything from there, but we there was a guitar player playing Let It Go with a young girl singing it for the crowd. We headed down some back way and we stopped at another sale. We didn't see much, but we snagged a cheese slicer. After our major score from the sales, we headed down to Fred Meyers. We went to the shoe section so I could get some boots for work. After that, I headed over to Starbucks to get some coffee and Melissa went off looking at everything. I went over and tried to find a tie for work and they were $35! Really!? Damn, no thank you. I hate wearing ties as it is, but I'm not spending $35 on something that will get ruined in a few months. After Fred Meyer, we headed over to McDonald's an grabbed some lunch. We headed home and ate. After we ate, we headed outside to do some yard work. Melissa started power washing the patio while I planted some flowers. How weird does that sound? Ha ha. After the yard work, we headed inside and watched some shows. Saturday night, we headed upstairs and we started watching Guardians Of The Galaxy off of the Hp Stream. It worked really, really well, I'm very happy with the results of it.

 Sunday, we had more yard work to do. I had to mow the lawn and power edge the sidewalks. I hate all yard work and I want to go on strike. Melissa, started washing our cars. After finishing my stuff, I went over and half ass helped finish washing the car. After we were done outside, we finally got to go inside and recoup. I started going through some emails and Sony was having a Spring sale. I had seen something about this a little while ago, but never really payed it much mind. Well three words caught my eye, Grand Theft Auto Sale. Okay, okay, it was four words, but it got me logged into the PSN Store and seeing what the deal was. So digital versions of GTA III, Liberty City Stories, Vice City, Vice City Stories and San Andreas amongst more were more than 75% off. I'm talking they were $2.50, that's way too good of a deal to pass up. So I got GTA III, San Andreas, Vice City, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. They had China Town Wars, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories for Vita/PSP also. All together I spent $14, on five games. So less than $3 per game, that's a sweet deal. And I do have these for my PS2, but my PS2 was giving me problems and I never got to get Vice City Stories or Liberty City Stories cause they originally were for the PSP. I did tell you about me buying San Andreas on the Xbox. I am okay with having multiple copies of the game. It's just so much better to play these classics on my PS3 though. I played a couple missions of Liberty City Stories and GTA III. I'll blog more about that later, maybe even have pictures. That's what I got, till next time.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's Wednesday, it's time for the midweek update. Let's get into some computer action. So I saw this PS1/PS2 USB adapter on Amazon for like $5 shipped. It had good reviews and it works for pc as well as PS3. I thought why not give it a shot, worst case it doesn't work for either or one over the other, no real loss. So after the couple weeks ship time, it arrived.

 Well I plugged into my office computer and it started finding drivers immediately. I plugged in my trusty blue PS2 controller and it worked. I fired up a Snes emulator, configured the controller and played a game, sweet! I closed the Snes and opened Ppsspp and it was configured again. Holy shit, I'm on a roll. I exited Ppsspp and opened the Ps emulator and it didn't work for r3 or l3? What the hell? I looked at the controller and I remembered that the oem PS2 controller has a button called analog, I pushed the analog button and what do you know, l3 and r3 worked. I can't remember if that happened when you played PS1 games on the PS2 also? It's been too long. Next I'm want to try it on the Hp Mini and the Raspberry Pi. If it works on the Raspberry Pi, I'm gonna get a couple more adapters and use them for my eventual Pid1 build. I haven't done much on the Raspberry Pi, I told you last time about the RetroPie 3.0 beta 2 image. I have yet to put ROMs on the beta 1 image, I have configured my controllers for two different builds. I need some time to work on any of that stuff.

 I guess what part of my problem is, when I do have an opportunity to buy something for a project, I can't figure out what to get. I can't figure out what project to continue on? So I want to eventually build a Raspberry Pi 2 inside a PS1 shell and have it run only PS1 games, use only PS1/2 controllers and run the ROMs from a portable hard drive. I want the original power button work and the controllers routed through the original locations. I want the hdmi and ethernet ran out of the back and a cooling fan on the processor heat sink. That's a lot to want and do for a project. The other project I have going is, a Raspberry Pi 2 inside a GameCube shell, have it run all games for all systems from a portable hard drive. I want to use the stock power supply from the GameCube, use the power led, use the controller ports as usb ports and be able to use all usb based controllers. I want the power, hdmi and ethernet ran out of the back. I want to use a Game Boy Player shell also. That's another tall order of a project. I want my Raspberry Pi B+ I have now, as a Nintendo only system that plays all Nintendo under N64. I don't know if I want it inside a 3d printed Nintendo case or an actual Nintendo case. I want to use all Nintendo usb based controllers. Like my Snes usb controller and a Nes usb controller. The Nes  would be for Nes, Game Boy and Game Boy Color and the Snes would be for Snes and Game Boy Advance. It would all be sweet and look pretty amazing on my shelf. So again, what do I work on first?

 Video games I'm playing, I downloaded the Fast and Furious Forza pack for free. It's actually kinda cool. I'm stuck on one part and it's cause I suck at gaming. I have not touched Battlefield Hardline in awhile. I have been playing through The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap. It's getting tougher, I read where something is supposed to be and it's not there. I fused Kinstones with certain characters and something else happens then what was said. I'm still having fun playing, but it kinda gets old. I want to start replaying A Link To The Past, but I can't figure out what system I want to play it on. Snes or GBA? I was playing the Snes version before my save file got corrupted, but I don't know what one to play. I should only focus on one game at a time also.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching The Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian, now I'm watching The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. I am still trying to finish Pinocchio. I started the Resident Evil series again. I still want to make the T1 virus vial.

 This section is gonna be kind short this week, I have no music or pictures. Well I think this gonna have to be good for now, till next time.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend review for 4/11 - 12/15.

 Friday night, Melissa got some Little Caesars pizza for dinner. We ate pizza and we watched Party Down South. After dinner, we headed upstairs were we tried watching a documentary on some plane crash cock pit recorders. The whole movie was two guys on a set that looked like part of a plane, lip syncing the recorder. It wouldn't have been too bad if there was like computer recreations or something, but we turned it off. We ended up watching a different documentary on help lines. Like suicide hot line, support lines and all that. It was actually pretty interesting.

 Saturday we had a bunch of errands to run. First we hit Walmart, I was looking for some bricks to put around our sidewalk trees. No luck for those, I looked through the $5 DVD bin, but didn't see anything that sparked my interest. I found some sweet Dickies t shirts in my size for $10. That's a good deal, I found some swim shorts, but I ended up not getting any of that. We headed up tot he Everett Mall to get Melissa's ring cleaned. We stopped by Hot Topic and we were blown away with the Funko Pop selection they had. I almost grabbed see through Predator and Melissa almost grabbed a Minion. We headed back towards our neck of the woods and we went Ace Hardware to look for the sidewalk tree bricks, no luck there either. We headed over to the dollar store, I looked for a fairy to finish my Zelda glass bottle, but no luck with that either. After the dollar store, we were starving, so we went to Ixtapa for some good Mexican food for lunch. After eating too much, we headed over to a new snow cone shop. Melissa loves shaved ice, so she was really excited. The consensus was, the water tasted like bleach and Lysol, the syrup tasted like it had been sitting for years and cut with bleach to add shelf life. I did end up finishing mine, when I tried Melissa's, I really thought I was eating bleached ice. I won't be naming the shaved ice place.

 After that, we headed over to Staples for a new desk calendar. Melissa saw a sale sign on the front door for jump drives. $5 and up. I headed over to the clearance isle and then over to the jump drives. The Staples branded jump drives, did indeed start at $5 and up. They 8 gigs for $5, 32 gigs for $16. I was contemplating they use of them and I was about to get three of them. Then I decided to not waste money and just get an 8 gig one, so I could create the recovery drive for the Hp Mini. After Staples, we headed down to EE Lumber to look for the bricks, no luck. We headed over to Value Village to check out what they had. I almost bought an Xbox original, but I already have too many projects and I didn't want to waste 10 bucks. I looked through the mini dolls to see if they had any fairies and struck out again. After we left Value Village, we headed over to a new comic book store that I had seen a sign for. We walked through the door and was overwhelmed by all the cool stuff they had to look. The had a sweet Red Hulk 12 inch action figure for $25.

  They had a roasted Stay Puft marshmallow man Funko for $15. They had 12 inch vinyl Spy Vs Spy set and an Alien set fro $90. They had some old Wolverine comics for $50. Needless to say I didn't buy anything, but I will go back and check it out again. We got home and we were exhausted from the long day. We relaxed and watched some shows. Saturday night we watched Open Water 2: Adrift. It actually wasn't too bad, but I think we were both confused with the ending.

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do.After the chores we started making some breakfast sandwiches to freeze for lunches.

Before and during.

After: This sandwich looks amazing.
 Melissa found some pre cooked frozen sausage patties. She got the English muffins, eggs and cheese. They were done in four minutes for thawed patties and five for frozen. Next time I am going to crack the egg straight in so I can have the yolk and Melissa wants to try pouring it straight in and popping the yolk so she has more of the whites. They smelled delicious, our friend actually made them for us for Melissa's birthday morning. Man oh man, were they good for lunch. Speaking of lunch, since it was national grilled cheese day, Melissa made us so jalapeno popper, grilled cheese sandwiches. At first, it was really spicy to me, but then the cream cheese and cheese soaked in the jalapenos and made it really good. After lunch, it was time to build the kitchen we bough for an almost one year old niece.

All pink everything. Ha ha.
After the build extravaganza, we relaxed and watched some shows. I barbecued for the first time and we had an amazing dinner. We watched the Mtv Movie Awards. The host sucked and most of the award show itself was dumb. The Fault In Our Stars, got Best Movie of The Year which is cool and Shailene Woodley from Divergent, got the Trailblazer Award. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Friday, April 10, 2015

End of the week midweek update.

 So clearly I missed Wednesday. I had so much going on and no sleep and what felt like a cement filled nasal passages that Wednesday could just go away. Well here's what's been going on, I started to try and work on my Hp Mini. I installed some emulators and tried playing some ROMs. I tried Dolphin with Super Mario Sunshine. I saw a video of it being played on line and it was pretty much flawless. Cut tome trying to play it, the frame rates were ridiculous. I was barely getting 10 fps, that's not playable. I tried connecting my Wii remote and Classic controller up through bluetooth, that's not happening either. It connected to Windows just fine after some perusing through Google. Dolphin would not connect to the controller. My go to Logitech PS3 usb controller worked fine, but I wanted as close to GameCube as possible. I tried a few others, Ppsspp actually worked pretty well. It wasn't full speed, but it was okay. I tried some Snes and my usb Snes controller worked perfectly, the emulator did not. It was all a bunch of hit and miss, that was way too much time devoted for failing results of my first test. I am not giving up, but next time I reuse to devote that much time and effort.

 My Raspberry Pi, so last time I told you that the Petrockblog released a new RetroPie image. So I downloaded it and wrote it to my sd card. Holy jeez is it different! I have been asking (To myself) for a way to configure the controller inside of Emulation Station or at least an easier way to go about. Done, they came through with that. They explained what Emulators use the configuration file of the controller. If that made sense? You still have to FileZilla in and put your ROMs and Bios, but if the controller config works, no command line programming. I have to try any of my ROMs or Bios, but I was able to set up two different builds, one for Nintendo ROMs and one for everything. As I was typing this, I headed over to Petrockblog and they have image 3.0 beta 2 up and going already. I want to try Beta 1 first, but I am downloading Beta 2.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian just showed up from Netflix, so I'm going to watch that really soon. Allegedly, they are making The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair. Which in movie chronology, would be part four. I'll see it if it comes out. I read they're making a live action Pinocchio, which would be interesting.

 I don't have any music, here's some random internet pictures.

See, everyone makes homemade video game items.

My homemade Golden Bee from A Link To The Past.

This is a dream truck for me.

 Well that's what I got, till next time.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend review for 4/4 - 5/15.

 Friday night, we watched some shows instead of a movie. We headed to bed and called it a night. We were both tired and wore out from the week. Saturday, we decided to wake up early and go tot he movie theater and watch Insurgent. We both thought it was amazing and we can't wait to see part three. I will definitely be buying this on DVD Tuesday. Some of the movie was interesting to try and follow. When they are in the "sim" (Simulation), it's hard to know what is the sim or movie. They budget definitely got bigger and the effects got better. I won't give anything away and to me it is worth seeing and buying. After the movie we went to tea with our friends for our birthdays. Now we have never went to tea before and I was talked into it by Melissa. We got there and they let you pick your own tea cup and you're seated. We looked at the menu before online so we had an idea of what they had. I ordered the pumpkin tea, turkey avocado bacon sandwich and a Sierra Mist. The tea tasted like tea and not really like pumpkin, but it was okay. My sandwich was amazing and I would go back for it. All in all, we had fun and that's what matters. After tea, we headed to Safeway to get something for dinner and some last minute Easter treats.

 Saturday night, we watched some more shows since our dvr was backlogged. After some show watching, we headed upstairs and popped in our Netflix movie. I will not be naming this movie as it was absolutely, incredible horrible and should be burned and then thrown away. Some of these scenes were so disturbing, I actually have to wonder if the actors themselves are okay. I don't know why, any of these people would put them self through some of these scenes. I know it's a movie, but they're actually taped or tied, that's not faked. Seriously, this movie was fucked up and it needs to be burned from my brain.

 Sunday, Melissa's mom came over for a nice Sunday dinner. We had like a five course meal. We had amazing salad, deviled eggs (Pun intended), homemade macaroni, homemade scones and desserts. Holy shit was it amazing. In between our meals we watched Interstellar. It was just as amazing as it was when we saw it in the movie theater. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

I wanted to leave you with an amazing picture of a drool worth homemade scone.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, Wednesday. Time for the midweek update. Alright let's get into it. I got my copy of Interstellar yesterday and I ordered it Sunday afternoon. Whoa, how is this possible you ask? Amazon Prime, that's how. Melissa treated both of us for our birthday month to Amazon Prime. It has been amazing. So my Interstellar came with an IMAX film cell.

I was like okay what is this? I opened it up and literally, they took an IMAX copy of the movie, found a scene and cut it out.

 If you look it up on Instagram, you'll see all these sweet film cells. How fucking cool! I have gotten a cell before, but it definitely was not an IMAX film cell. I'm still amazed and I really hope they keep doing something like this. Well I guess this can lead into movies I'm watching. I cannot wait to watch Interstellar again. This was an amazing movie and it put me in awe at the movie theater. I wish they could have added 45 more minutes to the movie cause it was that good. I wanted to see Mathew McConaughey's ship land on Anne Hathaway's planet. Let me set in my opinion the perfect ending scene. Anne Hathaway is tending to the garden. The Sun is slowly setting. Anne looks towards the sun and sees Mathew's ship slowly descending to the planet. A tear slowly rolls down Anne's face. She stands up and runs towards Mathew's ship. End scene. Oh my god that would have been even more epic. If you haven't bought Interstellar, go out and buy it immediately.

 Other movies I'm watching. So I just finished The Chronicles Of Riddick trilogy. I have heard some people say bad things about the movies and I don't get it. I love Vin Diesel and I love the Riddick movies. I kinda wish Jack/Kyra would have survived, so you could see a happily ever after fighting off mercs as they came to pick them up for the bounty. Bonnie and Clyde. I finished the Transformers anthology. Still love those movies and I want to see Mark Wahlberg come back for movie five. It's not a movie, but I finished watching the National Geographic movie Killing Jesus. It said it was written by Bill O'Rielly. To me it was not a bad movie, but there was things that I felt like they left out. I have been watching other shows and documentaries and they have shown different things. I'm not any kind of expert on any of this, but I feel like this should be as accurate as possible. I'm going to try the A.D. show coming up soon too. I'm going to re watch Noah with Russel Crowe. I'm going to re watch the Resident Evil series.

 Video games, so I have been playing The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap and I finally took a screen shot during a boss battle.

 You know how hard that is to do? So you had to shoot arrows in his eyes, avoid the spray stuff, shrink to Minnish size, run inside his head, dig through dirt and then cut a pillar. all this was three or four different times. Really!? Damn! I know this is an older game, but this is still kinda hard. I need to get back to playing Battlefield Hardline and enter my pre order codes I got for it. That's what i got for video games.

 Computer stuff, so I still have yet to mess with the Raspbery Pi in awhile. I want to see if they release a new image. As I was typing this, I headed over to the PetRockBlock and checked it out. Low and behold, they have RetroPie 3.0 beta. I'm trying that out as soon as I can. Other computer news, I told you on the weekend review, that I got the Hp Stream Mini. So I had been wanting a mini computer. Well, I had save a little bit and my birthday came up and I decided to say fuck it and buy it. I bought the Hp Stream Mini and I got a 4 gig memory stick for it. It has a 32 gig ssd, a dual core processor, 6 gigs of ram and lots more. I have been slowly learning Windows 8.1 and installing some programs like Xbmc Kodi. I want to install some emulators and play my ROMs on it. I have seen people running at full speed, GameCube games. That's what got me excited. So now I just need the time to install and configure all of these emulators. Kodi was an interesting install. I actually had to install 4 or 5 different versions because there was some bugs or something. I finally got Gotham 13.1 to install and work correctly so I'm sticking to it. The Hp has gig ethernet so streaming is silky smooth butter. I can start a stream, click an hour into the movie and there's no lag or jitters. I love my Raspberry Pi for Kodi and it does amazing, but the Hp is the smoothest computer or device I have ever used for Kodi. The Hp starting up and logging in takes seconds. One big thing that I don't like, is in order to use OneDrive, you have to use your Microsoft account as the user account on the Hp. I don't want to have to type in my password when I login, so now I can't use a service I use on other devices with no issues, it makes no sense. Another interesting thing is, the computer won't install Windows updates unless you restart the computer. If the updates already downloaded, they won't install while it's shutting down. One last thing, I like the tiles of Windows 8. I like the start button, why can;t we pick what one we want to use? I would actually prefer live tiles for what I use the computer for. Those three things aren't really bad, but it's me getting used to the new OS. I will have more on the Hp as I get time to use it and I will post pictures of it.

 Music, I don't have music this time. Random internet pictures.

 That's what I got for now, till next time.