Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend review for 8/27 - 28/16.

 Friday night, we had some dinner and headed upstairs and we finished Stranger Things on Netflix. All in all, it wasn't too bad. I didn't like the waning, but I know they left it open for another season. I'm wondering how they would even make another 8 episode season though. After that we went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and got ready to leave. We got gas and hit the tint shop again to have them fix the wrap job on the tail lights. 

 So they did a way better job then before and I really like it. So if we saw it before the darker film it would have been like oh shit look at that, but since we saw the dark first and now it's lighter, there's a difference to us even though it looks better. 

  While we were waiting for the wrap job, we ate at Bento teriyaki again and it was amazing again. We got the truck back and we headed out to Melissa's friends, friends party so Melissa could take pictures. She was done with that and we got our neice, stopped by the house and we all went to IHOP for dinner. IHOP was really good too. After dinner, we headed home and we watched Inside Out. After that it was time for bed. We laid her down and when she fell asleep, we watched some Walking Dead and went to sleep. 

 Sunday, our neice got picked up and we started our house stuff. I vaccumed and we did laundry. We watched some shows, we made some good dinner and watched more shows. We watched Fear The Walking Dead and we went to bed. At least this episode wasn't just all about Nick, oh and why the fuck would you play the damn piano during the apocalypse!? I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend review for 8/20 - 21/16.

 Friday night, Melissa got home from grocery shopping and brought Taco Bell hike for dinner. We had our dinner and watched the Netflix series Stranger Things. It's interesting, but kinda slow. Slow has been the theme for some of the shows we have been watching. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are hella slow. We watched an episode and went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and got ready for our day. We had an appointment at United Tint & Customs for the truck. We wanted to get the front grill emblem covered, the rear emblem removed and the front windows tinted. We got to the place and we sat and waited. All of a sudden three cars filled with dudes start rolling up and I was like oh shit what's about to happen. They parked and I got out and it was the owner and workers. The owner came over and we started talking about what we wanted to do. So the front he said no problem and asked if we wanted matte finish on it. We said yes. We walked around back and I said I wanted the red gmc lettering removed and if you can't then I wanted it debadged. He said that he couldn't remove the red or the badge. I said well I was looking for chrome on chrome. He said how about we wrap it. He went to get some chrome vinyl and put it over the red gmc and it was it. That was what I was looking for. He said what else do you want to do. We said we eventually wanted to debadge the rest of the truck, halo lights for the headlights, led lights for the fog lights, smoke or paint the tail lights and runs and tires. He said about $500 just to bake the head lights open before even installing the halo lights. I said okay well that would have to wait. He said lets look at the tail lights. He brought out some smoked vinyl and put it on the tail light. It was so smooth and we said yup that's it. So we agreed on the grill, tail gate, windows and tail lights. They took the keys and pulled it in. Melissa and I went inside and sat down. We waited for a teriyaki place next door to open so we could have lunch. We had lunch and it was amazing. We finished and headed back to the shop. They finished and we were amazed. 

 So they said it will take a few days for the air bubbles and everything to calm down and we are like okay. So after the shop, we headed down to get some gas and hit Walmart. We got home and we started noticing the edges of the tai lights looked really bad and there was a piece of the film coming up. 

 And as you can see, the edges don't lol very good. So I will be going back to get it fixed. No one else is going to put up with a crappy job on their Escalade or Benz so why do I have to? We had to do the Sunday stuff Saturday cause we were busy on Sunday. We got the laundry and other house stuff done. We started binge watching The Walking Dead in Netflix and we just relaxed. After awhile, we started watching Stranger Things. We had our dinner and watched more shows. We headed upstairs and watched more Netflix and we went to bed. 

 Sunday, we woke up and got ready to go to our great nephews birthday party. We picked up our neice and we went to the party. We got there and we relaxed. Our nephew was excited at everyone being there. We had our lunch and I went way overboard with calories and I was still coming down from the shock of gaining 1.2 pounds. I had all sorts of food and it felt like I was making up for lost time with my food obsession. Well this week I have kicked some ass for being working the range and not going over. I have cut my lunches down in calories so I'm good for dinner and al that. Sunday when we got home I had to mow the lawn so I got that done and we had some new light Mac and cheese dinner. It was super good. We watched some shows and we went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Video game minutes.

 Over the weekend, I got to play some A Link Between Worlds on the ds. I got to the thief lair where you have to rescue the girl and defeat the skeleton boss. So the first part is good. Hit him and get on the shield and hit him again. The hard part is the second part. I just start dying, but I got to the third part where his head starts spinning and I just get wasted. So I tried that like three times. I lost all the Rovio gear, I have no clue how to get it back and I still need to defeat this boss. I did get the master sword though.

 I really like this game, but for me it's really hard. No Mans Sky, still looks really good to me and I would love to play it. It kinda reminds me of Far Cry Primal, which I still need to play again. I have so many games I need to finish. Wel that's what I got for now, till next time. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weekend review for 8/13 - 14/16.

 Friday night, Melissa was over at a persons house helping make and finish some cups to be sold for Heather. I got home and I popped in Man Of Steel then I popped in Batman V Superman. I had some leftovers for dinner and I was chillin. When Melissa got home, we watched some shows and went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and had some breakfast. It was also weigh day and I lost 3 and a half pounds. I don't know how, but I'll take it. We got ready and we headed out to get a carwash for the truck and then headed to our friends house. We checked out a parking lot sale, but there were only like three booths. After that, we headed out to our friends house for a house warming party. We got there and we got to see their beautiful house. The have a rambler and this totally cemented the fact that we want to get a rambler. They had a really open kitchen and a good layout. They had some cool fixtures that I want to get for our bathroom. We had some good food and we spent some time with our friends. It was my cheat day so I wasn't gorging, but I had some food. I only went over like 400 calories and I even threw in some vegetables. After the house warming, we headed over to our other friends house for a get together. After a little back woods driving, we finally got there. Our friend did some landscaping in the last few weeks and it looked amazing. He had a pull paver patio with benches and a fire pit. The stone benches have led lights on the edge that show down to the patio. It was really cool. He also had a raw slice out of a tree as a bench. Bark edge out. It was really cool being there, but the undertone was uncomfortable just because Heather wasn't there. After we left we hit McDonald's for dinner. We watched some Walking Dead. Then we went to sleep. 

 Sunday, we woke up and had breakfast and then I started mowing the lawn. After the lawn I vaccumed. I got to play some A Link Between Worlds, but I just couldn't fight this end boss and kept dying. I lost all the Rovio tools I had so now I have no clue how to get those back and where I will start again. After that, we made dinner. We made this new dish and it was enchilada cups. The cups were made out of wonton wrappers. It was really damn good too. We watched some shows and we went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Video game minute.

 So I got to play some more Red Dead Redemption and I passed a few more levels. I got to the level where you have to use the Gatling gun and protect the train. Damn! I couldn't even concentrate on what to do cause all the commotion. I'm trying to shoot the horses so they would fall and kill the riders, but that wasn't working. Then they started to board the train and all the sand bags were protecting them, not me. They started shooting the engine and I failed. Damn! I had to restart, but luckily not from the absolute beginning. After that one I was like, yeah let me go ahead and save and stop playing before I get real mad. I don't rage quit, but I start getting mad and starts playing like shit. So quit while you're ahead.

 Red Dead Redemption was glitchy when I first played it and it still is. Oh nothing just a random dude floating in the air. 

 Melissa sent me a trailer for a video game called No Mans Sky. I watched it and was like dafuq! It looks super cool and I want it really bad. Your like Ben, what's the problem? I say, I don't have a PS4! I want to get one eventually. I wonder if they're going to do like Microsoft and come out with an "s" console. They did for the PS3 twice. The slim then the super slim, but we will see. And if they do, the regular ps4 will come down in price so it's a win win. Wel that's what I got for now, till next time. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend review for 8/6 - 7/16.

 Friday night after work, we went to Taco Bell for dinner. This was my cheat day, they gave us extra food we didn't order, so I was like hell yeah. We got the new triple layer deluxe thing, frito burrito and a cheese roll. We were trying stay with in our calories and all that. Well they threw in a flatbread steak burrito too and a side of chicken. I was like okay yeah I got this and I ate it all. Altogether, I was only over by like 560 calories. That's actually not too bad all things considered. After dinner, we watched some shows and went to bed. 

 Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast. After breakfast, it was time for my dentist appointment. After an hour of that, we got gas and went to bath and body works and jc penny to check out a sale they had for graphic tees. Well they did have the tees, but they didn't have the size I wanted to get. The only had regualr xl no xl tall. I need the tall because when it shrinks, it will fit like normal. So after that, we headed up to Walmart. I checked out their tees and found a sweet Biggie, 2 Pac and Eazy-E t shirt. They're skeletons, but it's awesome. Then I found a Marvel comic character line up. So all the characters are in it. I actually found Levis that fit! Holy shit, it's been I don't know how many years since I've been able to actually wear Levi's. It's so weird to me that I look back and I used to find wide leg pants and the "pipes" were so big it would cover my size 12 shoes. Baggies the better size 46 and 48 pants with shirts as big as I could get. Now I find a shirt that will shrink correctly to fit me, even though it's 3xlt, those are correct enough for what I want. Pants are 40x30 now and I'm still a tall big dude, but relaxed fit or loose fit work. I have a good pair of Old Navy jeans and they are 40x32 and they look good, but the legs don't look as good as they could. Now if I could find a good pair of jeans in 40x31, I would be set. After Walmart, we headed home and we relaxed. We had some lunch and we got some game time in. We watched some more shows had some dinner and went upstairs. We watched some Walking Dead and I got to use wifi to watch Netflix and we haven't done that in years. My wifi was so bad Netlfix wouldn't even load. I had run an ethernet cable from the office to the bedroom just to make it work. It did work, but it's a pain to have to do. After a couple episodes, we went to bed. 

 Sunday, we woke up had some breakfast and started our house stuff. I had to mow the lawn and I power edged everything. I figure if I stay up on it, it won't grow so bad. The weather was kinda cloudy too so I would get anymore sunburn. After the yard, I vaccumed and watched some shows. We both played some Animal Crossing on the 3ds. We made club sandwiches for dinner and watched some more shows. We had dessert and went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Video game minute.

 So I'm still trying to preorder the classic mini NES and Amazon doesn't have it yet. I'm going to get one and my neice and I will play some Mario Brothers. So I've been playing Red Dead Redemption and it's been a lot of fun. I'm actually going faster this time around then I was last time I played. I'm not worrying about getting a 100% so like all the hunting and gathering stuff. I just finished the level where you have to float down the river and shoot everyone on the bank. The first time around, I was struggling with this one, but I got it in one time through. So I want to complete this game in the next few months and I think I can do it. 

 10 games for summer, is done and over with. I told you before I don't have time to complete two games let alone 10 for the summer. So the games I did finish for 10 games of summer was:

Tomb Raider, Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider. So that's not too bad for my list. But again that's why I'm going to focus on Red Dead Redemption and the other couple coming out at Redbox. I'm excited for COD and Battlefield. Battlefield especially. WWI in Battlefield specs is going to be amazing for the destruction and the mechanics. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.